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celebrating our wedding anniversary



yesterday we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I still remember how I felt awkward & scared on our wedding day since I had just met my hubby 2 times before saying yes to marriage. we both said yes with leap of faith based on our parents decision. for me at that time only two things were important that he has to be more educated than me & has to be self-made man & not dependent on his parents for any of his financial needs. & from things I learnt from my parents he met those criterias. so off we started our married life together with huge leap of faith. Looking back I realized we have been lot together in last 20 years & our love & respect has grown for each other during this time. As in any relationship we have gone through our ups & downs but it has brought us closer & happier together. Its great that with all our experiences together we are learning great deal about each other even after 20 years, I am still learning things about him. I just pray & wish that our relationship gets better like old wine. thought would share my blessings with you since when I share my blessings with all of you, my joy doubles. so ofcourse I am greedy want more joy in my life.




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Asha, congratulations on 20 years of marriage. :cheer: I'm so glad your parents made the right decision and things worked out for you both.

Have a happy life together.



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Asha, you have been truly blessed by the wise choice your parents made. I marvel at the way your stroke journey has been a big part of learning to appreciate who you are and who you are to others. I am glad this mariage has been the foundation of all of that. :hug: :hug:



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I am sending my best wishes for an additional 20 years! What a wise decision your parents made, and what wonderful people you two have become. A stroke has had the added benefit of proving that life does go on, even if you are busy making lemon-ade out of all the lemons. LOL


Congratulations on a major event in your lives.



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What a strong woman you are. So few people bother to make marriages work when they themselves have chosen their partner. For you to have come to love and respect each other speaks volumes of your dedication and strength.


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hi Asha,


Congratulations on your 20th. Jimmy and I celebrated our 25th last Dec.

I sometimes wonder if the western concept ofromantic encounters leading to deeper understanding of each other and then leading to marriage has missed something. Our culture stresses the duty and devotion and personal sacrifice aspect more.

What matters is that all parties are happy and that it lasts. Things are changing even here and parenting children to live in a culture in a state of flux is a challenging task indeed.



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congrats asha on your 20 year mark anniversary. i wish you and hubby another 30 years together. i admire your custom of arranged marriages and to stay married for so long. that takes alot of work and love for each other without knowing much about each other prior to your marriage.

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