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It definitely feels good to finally have my license. It would feel even better if my dad would lighten up! Friday was my first time driving to work by myself. On my way home I passed my dad and he turned around to catch up with me. By the time we made it home he still had tears in his eyes and hugged me as soon as I got out the car. He always blocks my car in the garage and parks the other cars behind it so I can't leave unless someone else knows. I try to obey his wishes by compromising. The other day I followed him to the nail shop to get my pedicure then followed him back since he was waiting for me in the parking lot. He really needs to ease up. I am his baby girl so it's like Im 16 just getting my license. I know any parent is going to worry when their child is on the road by themselves but I think my dad has always been overprotective of me so this is getting annoying. This morning I told him I knew how to get to church but of course he didn't believe me so once again I followed him but after that I had to put my foot down. I knew he was on the way to the church so I could follow him back but I left without him anyway. I showed him that I could successfully make it back home on my own. I knew I needed food for my lunch this week and he'd already told me not to go back out but I didnt care. I called him and told him I was going to the store. It felt so great. It was nothing like the last time I went to the store. Yesterday I drove to Wal Mart by myself and I felt so much anxiety. I was constantly looking to my left to make sure no one was about to walk into me and I just felt so alone and awkward. Im so used to being with my mom or dad. I felt like everyone was staring at me and I was so happy to get out of there. But today I felt complete opposite at the grocery store (probably because I felt more confidence after not taking no for an answer from my dad). It felt great to drive to the store on my own, do my own grocery shopping, and pay for it with my own money, then drive back home. I really felt independent. I got a small buggy that was easy to push with one hand and just took my time to straighten my arm as I walked. I think this made me feel more comfortable and not like everyone was staring at me. When I got home I called my dad once again to let him know I made it back from the store. He wasn't happy but I am glad I am showing him I can be independent and it feels great. Btw, Wal Mart and the grocery store are both only 5 minutes from my house. Work and church are 30 minutes but I have practiced driving there enough with my dad and my brother that I take the same route with the least traffic and least lane changes. It sure feels good to finally be independent


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I hear you loud and clear! I suppose dads will always be dad and no matter how old you get and still living in his house you will be his little girl! I suggest talking to mom telling her to tell him you can handle yourself at 22 years old.


He may take it better coming from his wife than his daughter, at least that has been my experiences when my daughter was your age and she is my oldest child at 47 this month! :Clap-Hands: :happydance:

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You have gone threw some challenges, you've graduated from college. At 22 you are a grown young lady. Can make decisions on your own I understand. But parents especially dad will always worried about you whether you live at home or on your own. Fred right have a talk with your mother let her plant the seeds of giving you space.

I'm 56 now and at 20 my father bought a house trailer and had me live their. At 25 I moved closer in and apartment. Every place I lived I would see my father driving pass. He never knew I seen him. I was daddy's little girl. I was the last kid out of four.

As I look back I wouldn't of had his ways any other way. So parents don't know how to show their love any other way, that was my fathers way.

Your 22 and have allot time to be a grown up. Don't rush is. remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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