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Vacation will be over soon



Dan is doing so much better. He's holding his head up and sitting up straight in the wheelchair. This last week he's even started eating some. He still won't eat the food at the facility, but he's started talking about food so I've started taking hime some meals. We even went on a short outing yesterday. His Medicare days will be gone in two weeks. I need to make a decision about leaving him there for a bit longer or bringing him home. He's much stronger than he was when he went in but I don't know if he's strong enough to help me with transfers. I've scheduled a meeting with OT, PT, and Social Services for next week to discuss my options and the cost of private pay.


I have really gotten used to having my freedom. I've started sewing again, I even bought a new sewing machine. Spent too much money on it but decided that I'm worth it. Other than massages and a couple of manicures, I haven't done anything for myself since May 2009. Pre stroke I would never have made a purchase like this without talking to Dan about it. I don't think Dan will even notice the new machine.


I sit back and think about the last six months and what I've accomplished and what Dan's been through. I got our house built, moved us from Ohio to Indiana, got the house put together, landscaping done, grass seed planted, watered, and actually looking almost good. Along with this I saw Dan go through three separate hospital stays, two tours in ICU, surgery, three SNFs, rehab, and finally getting stronger. During both ICU stays I was told that he probably would not survive. I even doubted my decision to not put him under DNR orders. Six weeks ago I didn't think he'd ever be home again. Now look at him! He's getting stronger, he stood for 1 minute and 5 seconds last week!!


Another decision I need to make...how do I keep from losing all of my newfound freedom? Not so much freedom to come and go as I please, freedom do do things that I want to do. Sewing, caregiver support group, lunch with friends, etc, etc. I think this will be a work in process. Vacation is almost over, now I must get back to the reality of life.


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Mary Jo,

That is wonderful news. Dan is improving. I know the problem. The freedom that you have now. I am so glad that you got yourself a sewing machine. What kind?? I have been sewing this morning. I madea ccarrier for the wheelchair.



I will keep you in my prayers.



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