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New routine is working well.



Can you believe it?? William has adapted to the new workout routine quite well.


I made one more change. After I worked him out in the pool. I gave him a shower and then I went back and did some laps. I set William up so that he could watch me and the rest of the people in the pool. This ensures that I get him into that handicapped shower before somebody else uses it. I can use any shower. William enjoyed watching me swim.


Next, I set him up in the lobby and he had his water , coffee and pills. He says aren't you going into the cardio room to work out?? So, I say , yes of course.

I hopped onto a machine near the window so that William can see me and i can keep an eye on him. I did 8 minutes on the eleptical. I need to work up then I did some of the weight machines.


I told William how much I appreciate being able to get my work out while we are at the YMCA.


On the way home. I said that I needed to stop by the grocery store to get some fruit. I wanted him to come into the store. He didn't want to. I said that you haven't been in there for awhile. I will get a cart and you can ride around. I don't want you to forget how to drive that cart.


He came along and wanted lots of fruit and a muffin. He wanted the pack. I said they sell singles. Let get jut one. then he wanted cookies and other tasty stuff. i said no. We are getting fruit. We need to watch our weight. I am no fun. We will be splitting that big muffin.


William is sleeping off his exercise right now. When he gets up. We get brunch.


William is holding me to my exercise...this is good.




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Ruth, I so envy you to be able to do your workouts while at the Y. This was not a choice when we were there, as I was not a member, and the facility was not set up like yours, I guess. The rehab center is the better choice for Larry, but then I cannot use the machines and the therapists get first choice on them. I guess my only choice right now is to walk. :notfair: Right now I will just be glad when my nose heals from the surgery and I can breathe again normally. The doctor said that could take months! :(



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I am so happy for you that you are able to integrate your workout in Williams therapy session, that way it become joyful for both of you & not just chore to do for wiliam.



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When Ray did his workout in the pool I used to jog in the water, if Trev came too I would swim laps. I sure could do with that now as I too am gaining weight.


I am thinking about therapy for Ray but the pool is not an option as he is incontinent. I will just have to see what I can think of.


You are right , tolerating the routine is what helps us keep our survivor as active as possible. You are such a fine example of how to do this.



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Oh, how I envy those of you that can motivate their spouses! All I seem to be able to do is make Sam irritable. He even had the nerve to tell me last night that he thought I should go on a diet so I would look better in my clothes! And I am supposed to remember to be nice to himyeahrite.gif Sometimes that is impossible. But he, too has a routine that works well for him; it just doesn't involve any regimented PT. He refuses to go back as they "hurt my arm".


I think often of you guys on strokenet - whenever I am down, I just read something from my new friends, and I am ready to keep going. You ladies are such an inspiration and I look forward to your blogs. flowers.gif



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Ruth: so glad it is working out. We have the problem with the co-ed shower as well. And like you, I just go with the flow. If it is open, shower and dress for Bruce. I can go into ladies if need be. Oftentimes that is the only intimacy we share-showering together. Bruce does muy back, then dress. If no one is waiting, I take my time.


If a quick shower, it is Bruce, dress and to library next door. Like William and his coffee and chat group; that will hold Bruce for a good hour if need be. Our coffee niche is a floor above and would hesitate to do that, except Mister has taken to doing the grocery store himself, in his WC with his own basket and meets me at the check out when I say. Also makes his own way to the truck, across the parking lot. Now I know he is in a WC and most cars would not see him until they came up on him, but he watches both ways-lol, his Mom taught him well-but he loves that incline and the speed he can get up (typical man) and I so love to watch his face as he comes to the truck. If it is a busy day, I just leave the cart and go get him. But if we do an off-day, like a Wednesday morning, I can just watch and enjoy his pleasure.


I am so glad this is working out for you. Isn't it amazing that when they understand what is important to us and fully understand what is involved especially from them; they step up? Never ceases to amaze me and I often wonder why I don't do it more often. Debbie

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Ruth, What a great team effort. I'm glad to hear that you are getting

your exercise in. I notice if we stroke our spouses ego's of appreciation,

in turn they go so much easier with the routine. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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ruth i am so glad to hear that you and william has a very good routine that is working for both of you keep up the very good work with william

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