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Just one more thing to deal with!



A couple of weeks ago as most of you know, I had my skin cancer surgery. I am in the healing stages, although, my nostril is swollen and I can't breathe 100%. I'm told this is normal and will take a couple of months. I have been getting out finally and went out to eat with Larry Friday. We got there in time for the early bird special. Larry finally attempted to eat his pecan pie he took home that night. I had to help him finish it. :rolleyes:

Saturday, I decided I needed to get my book I had on request at the library. I pulled into the slot and a lady next to me backed out and side swiped our new car. I honked, got out, she seemed to look and then drove off. I don't know how I did it, but I got her license number and called the police. While waiting, I broke down in tears. How could all these things happen to me??? The lady later called and apologized after the police called her. She claimed she didn't even know she had hit my car with her big Lincoln Jeep. Anyway, her insurance is covering it. Saturday evening we went to church as my nose & face finally looked presentable.


My home helper, Jim, is on vacation, so Monday I had to drag Larry to the auto body shop for an estimate on the car damage. After that, I took Larry to the rehab center since he had not been there in over a week. The temp outside today is to go to 105 degrees and it was about the same yesterday. Larry has been after me to take him to his dentist, who keeps sending notices. We have about 4 other doctor appts. coming up soon for him. :tired: I can't complain too much as others are going back and forth to hospital visits. I know how draining that can be.


I just hope and pray our AC keeps running. :hot:



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I know what you mean about the ac, it's hot here in central Texas too. Over 20 days above 100 with 8 in a row! :big_grin:

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Julie: try to plan stuff for early morning and just insist Larry get up. It is dangerous for both of you to be out in that weather and I don't care about AC in buildings and cars. I know it is just so hard when the list keeps growing despite our best efforts.


A good cry once in a while is healthy. We work so hard to get nice things and Bruce used to say they don't stay nice for long-how right he is! I was devastated when I side swiped the ramp with his truck.


I am also wondering if you are working in rest or nap time for you. I force myself to at least rest 45 minutes every day. We are busy in the mornings, but after lunch it is down time for a bit until getting morning stuff ready and then off to work. Please give it a thought. Debbie

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Julie, You were quick to get the plate number and have success, but I know the new vehicle is never the same.

Who isn't hot in the USA. I had to look and see where were from.

I thought AZ but it's 100 in MO. WOW.

Here in Georgia when we get up in the 90's it's so humid feels like 120.

When the sun hits you skin you think it's on fire.

But, enjoy the heat cuz cold winter is just around the corner and you'll be shoveling snow. lol, lol remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail:

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bad & good things happen to every one. though its blessing that even when lady swiped your car you were able to note license number & your car will be fixed & you won't have to worry about paying for car damage. don't worry about it car will fixed. lot of time things go wrong in our life ask yourself is his disaster or inconvience, as soon as you ask that question, & your frustration level will go down.



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