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Trip to ER




This blog was set invisble by the blogger herself. She got a new user name and new blog.



For three days now I have had a headache which comes and goes. Normally I hardly ever get headaches. Being a stroke survivor I was worried. Yesterday I phoned my doctors office and spoke with her nurse. My doctor was not in the office so she said she would speak with another and call me back. The doctor on call said that I shouldn't worry. Her nurse said to phone back today because my doctor was on call. I did. The doctor said I should immediately go to the hospital and have it checked out.


Normally my sister, who I live with, would take me. She is out of town. So I decided to drive myself to the hospital. I figured if I wasn't able to drive home I could take a taxi and worry about how to get the car home tomorrow. Or if I was admitted the car would be safe in the hospital parking lot. The only problem was figuring out how to get out of the hospital parking lot. It is huge.


Anyway, when I walked into the emergency room, a volunteer immediately asked me if I wanted a wheelchair. I said no and he immediately took me into a room 10 feet away to be evaluated. Within 15 minutes I was in an examining room. She got on the phone and said she needed a doctor for someone with post CVA problems.


A doctor came in and asked me to preform tasks that were obviously designed to see if I was having another stroke. They took copious blood, and did a CT scan. Everything was normal. They sent me home after three hours with a prescription for pain, comments that it was good I came in and warnings to come back if it got worse or did not improve.


While I was there my doctor came by. This shows that it is an excellent idea to talk to your doctor before going to the ER. She checked everything over. I mentioned to her that I had a mammogram on Thursday. Before I left she came back to say she had also checked on the mammogram and it was fine.


Just wanted to share a good hospital story.




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Lin, I'm so happy you are well!!!


Keep breaking the "rules" - statistics mean nothing!


Love you ~V



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Glad you have a good educated, on the ball hospital story to tell. We need more of those as this site is full of inept hospital stories. Glad all is well with you,


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