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Returned Wednesday from a weeklong road trip. We made three stops. Springfield, IL to visit the new Lincoln museum (the one which opened in April); Columbus, KS to visit my nephew, his wife, her son, his dog, her dog, and her cat; and Little Rock, AR to visit the Clinton library.


The Lincoln museum is great. They have used 21st century technology to explain the 19th century. I learned some things. Lincoln changed his perspective on slavery. Like most of the country at the time he initially understood slavery to be an economic issue. Later he changed his mind. He saw slavery as a moral issue. That explains many of his actions. Some of the exhibits I most enjoyed were the replica of the White House kitchen during Lincoln

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Thanks for vividly sharing your roadtrip, I feel like I was there too.

Also, why shouldn't Cleo be mad??? Sounds like you have some sucking up to do.


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