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Dealing with emotions and other things



I've been off the computer for a while. Haven't blogged. Haven't attended a chat. Haven't posted a comment on any of the topics lately.


Working on the computer gets difficult quickly. I'm still unable to focus, visually, and have pretty much given up on taking the valium because I keep needing more and more of it. I stop taking meds when they stop working at lower doses. So far, nothing to replace it because of drug interactions, or cost since I no longer work, have no insurance and am still going through the whole unemployment/disability thing. So, I just don't do a lot on the computer.



We have roommates now. I'm not sure if things are going to go well or not yet. there is a lot of chaos and some passive/aggressive behaviors. Hopefully things will calm down. If not, I don't know what will happen.



The one potentially bright spot is that it loks like my grandfather's estate will be finally settled by the middle to end of August. That could be th out if things don't work well with the roommats.


Then there is the issue with me being home all of the time, with only the dogs to talk to5 during hte day. I feel like I'm losing myself. I can't drive. I don't leave the house unless Sam takes me out and that is typicaly to run errands.

bring myself to paint right now. I can't see straight and am afraid that my work won't be like it was before the stroke. So I've been floundering around in my own head, trying to come to grips, all over again, with myself. I don't know how well it is working. Some days all I want to do is cry, other days all I want to do is yell. I want to get back to the days when I was, at least, content.


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you have been sorely missed in our chats & in our blogworld. you are in my thoughts & prayers for this eye problem to get under control so that you start enjoying things you like to do. BTW in the meantime think about books on tape to keep you busy & content in NOW.




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I understand about the leaving the house. My husband works and when he comes home I want to go out and he wants to rest. Listen. work may or may not be the way it was before but oh well.. There is not sense getting yourself worries about that. You have no control of it. C'est la vie Live now. Dont paint.rest your eyes and chillax....:friends: :friends:

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This is a typical pattern after giving up the fast lane and taking to the slow lane. You had plans to do some work with dogs so maybe time to plan that. You can do that without leaving the house


It is natural to miss your job and your former busyness and yes we all go through withdrawals for that too. I nearly went stir crazy when I first became a caregiver, no independence and someone else who I had to put first. Where was the independent person I used to be?


Sorry to hear about your eye problems. I agree with Kelli, time to chillax, pretend this is a holiday and learn to make use of the time any way you want. Absolutely nothing wrong with making the most of a leisure time before you plunge back into training dogs for your hobby.



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Hi Lydi: You are doing great, blogging and helping folks on SN. Some things are out of our control, and some can be dealt with--to try to ignore a pressing problem is wrong, it just gets worse. Have you looked into a home health aide, for even a few hours a day? If it makes the difference between going out or not going out, it's worth the expense! Thanks for sharing with us. Your friend, Henry

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