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I Didn't Fall Off the Planet, Just Fell into My Own Head for a While



I don't even remember when I posted last, though I suppose I could go back and look...sort of. I know it was after I stopped working, but I don't think I posted anything in July. So, here is the update.....




I was asked to help out in vacation Bible School, the last week of July. "Just attendanace and gatekeeping," I was told. God had other plans.


I arrived at 8:30 on te first day of VBS, and by the time all the kids were checked in (which I didn't help with?), and were ready for the daily opening, I approached by one of the ladies and asked if I could "help out" with the arts and crafts. "Help out" turned into running 3 arts and crafts classes for all 5 days of VBS. I was coming home by 1 in the afternoon and just going straight to sleep for the rest of the night. It took more than i had to give and by the weekend, I was feeling and functioning like the day i came home from the hospital. It took seeral days for me to more of myself again, and the right corner of my mouth seems to be in a permanent droop now, and doesn't really work when I talk. I'm glad, though, that I participated. It taught me that I can still manage arts and crafts. I've been afraid to do much since my eyes started spasming. It's good to know that I haven't lost everything.




I had refiled for disability, after getting laid off. I got forms in the mail to describe, in detail, my hear5t condition as well as as my autoimmune issues, so I filled them out, with the help of my mother and sent them in. A couple of weeks later, I got paperwork informing me that I had to have both a physical and mental examination, by doctors assigned by the department of health. My physical was this past Wednesday. I spent 2 hours getting poked, prodded, tested, questioned, assessed, and reassessed. Monster got upset at the testing twice and I had a hard time getting him to stop trying to prevent the doctor from testi ng my reflexes. Today was the mental examination. According to my mother, I messed that test up good. There were a lot of things that i was asked to do that I couldn't remember. I was told I should be hearing from disability with a determination in about 3 weeks. By the time I left that exam, my nerves were shot and I was in tears.




So, my mother decides to take me to steak and shake for a milkshake and french fries, a special treat from my childhood that she would do for us when we had something very upsetting happen. In hte middle of our treat, she gets a call from Sam. He is headed to hte hospital. There was some sort of grease fire at Garion's house and he was burned pretty badly. I lost it all over again. Long story short, they are keeping my son overnight for observation and will know whether or not he will need skin grafting on his right hand some time tomorrow. I'm now officially emotionally done and feeling numb. I'm going to bed and praying that tomorrow is a better day.


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Guest hostwill



Thanks for the update, I will keep you in my prayers and i know things will get better.

-@Will -

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Lydia: thank you so much for the update. I was thinking of you this weekand wondering how the post-work life was progressing and how Monster was doing.


Too much, too fast. And I am sorry. Good job on VBS, but next time three days rather than five. You will go home tired, less frustrated and feel more in control. Bruce always wants to do more at our Animal Shelter volunteering, but right now an hour and a half is all he can handle-in my opinion. We are in summer hiatus, so we will see how it goes come fall.


I understand about the doctor's appointment but can only say how proud I am of you getting through it. I pray that you are approved without further problem. You have been through enough.


Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as to Garion's outcome. Yes, please do let us know. Best, Debbie

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Dear Lydi,

I just asked about you in chat the other day. I haven't been active here much this summer. I hope all will go well for you and Garion. Some days are just too upsetting-- and I find that I have less reserve strength emotionally since my stroke. Take care and know that people are praying for you. Bev

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