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Feet Starting to Touch Ground



So, Garion had to have the ENTIRE back of his right hand and arm grafted, up to his elbow. They used the back of his right thigh, from buttox to knee, as his donation sight. They did the surgery a week ago, yesterday. Last Wednesday, they released him from the hospital. His apartment wasn,t ready for him, having absolutely no furniture in it at all, so we put him up at Sam's parents, house while his girlfriend and I ran all over Tampa, getting the things needed to make his house a home. They delivered his livingroom furniture this afternoon. The sofa is a sleeper sofa, so we brought him home this evening, with his doctor's ok. Garion was very happy to be home. He hasn't stopped smiling yet. Jeanna and I did a good job picking out the pieces. Garion's father is bringing over the bed and desk Garion has used at his father's house this weekend, so that, and a couple of bar stools, and his home will be complete.




That is a major stressor off of my mind. Garion may not be able to go to work just yet, but he is home and getting better every day.




As for me, well, the whole last week has pretty much been me dealing with Garion. I'm over tired, overwhelmed, and ready for life to be getting back to something more resembling normal. At least, knowing that Garion is home and healing well, I'll be able to sleep better at night.



I have started explaining to people that when a person has a stroke, or for that matter, any life altering trauma, it sort of feels like one is living inside of a snowglobe and some giant picked it up and gave it a really good shaking up. It takes a while for you to float back down to the bottom again. My snowglobe has been shaken up enough for a while. I'm really looking forward to touching bottom soon.


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I am glad Garion got the treatment he needed. It is certainly traumatic for all of you. I hope he makes a good recovery. Lydi, as a Mum I really feel for you. Their pain is our pain.


It has not been a good few months for you and I hope things get decidedly better soon.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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I am glad Garion is healing well in his own house, I know how painful last few months must be for you, I am happy to see your feet feels like touching the ground & things r getting stable for all of you. hope to see you in our chatroom soon too.



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