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Is Someone Playing Flight of the Valkeries?



Oh, no, that's just my mother & my sister swooping in again!




With everything that has gone on with Garion, after my mother returned from Puerto Rico upon settling my Grandfather's estate, the 2 of them decided that I have had enough stress for a while. Well, I can't disagree with them there. SO, they have been discussing what type of house/condo to buy for us and where. They have included what Sam and I said we wanted into their searches, so we aren't being strongarmed. Frankly, at this point, I'm happy for the 2 of them to do all of the legwork, and just take Sam & me to the places that they feel will work best for a "final approval."




It's funny. 8 months ago, I would have politely thanked htem for their input, but done all the work and found the place myself. Now, I'm so much quicker to let my family take over things like that for me, provided that they listen to my input and preferences. It just seems less stressful and not so overwhelming. So much, now, feels like it is something bigger than I have the energy to tackle.



I jump when hte kids need me, but at this point in my life, I'm really starting to be very grateful for, and comfortable with, my Mom and sister taking care of me.

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I am glad you have great family support system for you & Sam. nothing matters as long as you both are okay with what's going on in your life. you are fortunate to have loving family who wants to take care of things for you, not everyone is lucky like that.



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