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harder you work luckier you get



yesterday I was talking with friend of ours and she was telling me story of their life like every immigrant how hard they worked in this country and how well they are doing now made me realize harder you work luckier you get in life. from her story & lot of my family members stories I have seen that with willing to go outside your comfort zone & not afraid to work hard to achieve your goals, one can get quite lucky in life. I feel strongly we are responsible for our own life, our choices in life decides our destiny. Yes I agree we don't have control over disease, but lot of other things we do have control over, and I have choice to make good choice every day in my life. This is lesson I recite to our son there are no shortcuts in life, work hard & good things will happen.




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Asha, while it applies to some a lot of people I have known in my life have been hard workers but maybe have not had the breaks they need. So I don't believe that it is just hard work that makes you a success.


And what we think of as success may not be all there is to life. Or some of our greatest heroes would not be the "failures" some of their peers thought them but millionaires instead.



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you are very right, but I feel sometime in life you need to take risk & step out of your comfort zone & then I believe work hard to succeed in it, though I feel one has that kind of drive during their 20-40, & that drive decrease after 50 when you start thinking of retirement.



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