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i know many survivors have had this happen to them after a stroke. i try to be so careful when i am home alone. i am tired of these falls, not that i've had dozens of them but i have had my share. most recently was last week. i was sitting in my recliner and leaned to my left(affected side to pick up something off of the floor. as soon as i felt myself coming off of the chair, i swung my good arm back to try and grab something to keep me upright, nothing there i could grab quick enough and down i went, hitting my head first on the wood floor, fell onto my bad side of coarse, i was so pi**ed. i did not hurt myself, or i thought anyway. i fell right next to the couch. so there i am trying to figure out how to get myself back up, therapy never taught me how to. so by then all 8 of my critters where beside me, knowing i wasn't suppose to be there. i had to get my arm out from under me, which i succeeded in doing, i got my good leg where i could push myself closer to the couch to try and get ahold of the couch arm to help me pull myself up, no luck there. i tried for 20 minutes to get myself up, i then called my nurse son to see if he could come and help me. i had even thought about holding onto my dobie's collar to have him pull me to something i could hold on to. he just looked at me and drooled all over my face, yuk yuk yuk. so i abandoned that idea and waited on my son. he got there quickly and got me up. i just hate these situations i get myself into. later on that day i felt a knot starting on my forehead and the top of my head, but no pain or headache, so i felt i was ok. my pt supervisor from home health was due to come over thinking he could help me instead of bothering my son. but he never showed or called until later. i woke up the next morning with a black eye, gorgeous!! the pt guy showed up yesterday and he wanted me to continue therapy, good idea, you think!! to help me learn to get up by myself. when my oldest son found out, i got a big lecture that i'm not safe by myself. i reminded him that falls do happen with stroke survivors, sometimes they are unpreventable. i guess i wasn't seated in my chair good enough, like i thought i was, oops. since i have moved to tx, i have fallen 3 times now, broke ribs on my trip to tx, fell after that and hurt my back, luckily this time not a major setback. maybe this is a sign of bad luck,moving back home, LOL so now i get my anxiety levels up every time i get up again. having only 1 side that works makes things so difficult, as many survivors know already. i hope with more therapy, this won't happen again. i will find out soon enough i hope, so wish me luck please!


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I'm wishing you good luck in not falling again, but just be careful when home alone! Plus don't lean to your weak side...No support there!

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I am wishing you good luck for future, but please master in how to get up from floor when you fall down. I know thats the first thing i forced my PTs to show me, I m glad I did since it has come quite handy ince stroke cause have fallen many times.



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Getting some instructions on how to safely get up is fine. Laying there and waiting for help is better if you have a lot of pain though.


Sorry this happened to you Kimmie, even with me right by his side Ray can fall into space. It is one thing I am not looking forward to when he gets home as I know he will be even more tippy on his feet.


Black eyes are no fun but easier mended than broken hips.



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Hi Kimmie. I posted before but somehow my reply to you disappeared.

I'm sorry you fell and got a black eye. My fall was not nearly as bad but painful and scary. The first thing I thought about was "will I be able to take care of Larry"? Larry's PT showed us how to get up from a fall. I don't know if I could help him through it. I might just call 911 as the fire dept. is very close by. I'm glad you have a son who was there to help.


Take care,



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Oh Kim, I am so sorry. But where was your grabber? Ha, not that Bruce ever remembers his either. I am glad you are not seriously hurt. Banging your head is very scary. In a way I am glad your son had to come, just to check you out. Please take care. Heed Fred's advice. Best, Debbie

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:forgive_me?: Here are some Get Well Flowers for a dear friend. n a hug as well. :friends:


I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I have a "Gripper" for every room....if I didn't have that, I would be down for the count more than I can think. :roflmao: When I was in rehab the one thing they never taught me was how to get up should I fall. I guess they felt since I was one hundred per cent paralyzed .... I would never need to learn that. When I finally got to go home, The first day I fell like four times and 911 had to be called, as I couldn't get up without them. Wayne couldn't get me up. They asked if I was never taught how to get up should I fall.... they asked why did they send me home then, answer: Insurance wouldn't pay to keep me there.

Kimmie, just think of all the "Stories" you could share how you got your black eye. WOW :giggle: :gleam:


Here's a toast for you staying upright. I will keep you in my prayers. I am sorry you got hurt. You are a strong person and I know you will be help others through your experience. Love n Hugs, :beer:

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Guest lwisman


Yikes Kim. Sorry to hear about your falls. Be sure to get instructions to get yourself back up. It is amazing this was not included in your therapy earlier. Take care of yourself. And be careful!



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Sorry Kim about your fall. I think you and I are the queen of falls! I'm glad there wasn't serious damage. When I broke my ribs it took a long time to heal and now I have a compressed fracture to L-1 and over a month it is maybe half healed. I've been warned by by home health team and today my PCP about not helping Jerry too much because I could hurt myself worse. Jerry's cancer demands a lot but I have had to let most go. A grabber doesn't help me when I fall except to reach for a phone; now I always have my cell with me. In rehab there was no way I was able to get up by byself no matter how hard they tried to teach me. I avoided recliner for the first few years. please be very very careful..I am not doing that - my best offense.

Hugs, Leah

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thankyou everyone for your comments and well wishes. believe me i am getting a grabber to have next to my recliner. i have one in my bedroom, never thought about another 1 for the living room. duh. i talked to my therapist and next week we are going to work on getting myself up, halleluiah. this will be a task of all tasks, but i'm ready to tackle it. i will keep you updated on my success or failure! hopefully i will master this.

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