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wow!you would never believe what i did at physiotherapy



as you know i go to physiotherapy every wednesday and so when i go to physiotherapy my therapist spent alot of times on my hand and my arm and fingers to try to uncurl the muscle tone any way to do that we use a roller about the size of a paint roller but made of rubber with alot of texture good for feelings then my physiotherapy wraps my fingers around the roller and once done that she has me lift the roller and then move my hand using only my wrist onve to the left and once to the right using only your wrist not your shoulders then agter that she then uses a rubber ball with air in it about the size of a grapefrute which is quite abit larger then the roller that i use first so we go grem small to even bigger then she wraps my fingers around the ball all the way around keeping in mind that she couldn"t use the large ball because she coulld:n"t uncurl my hand to do that but now she can so alot of improvement and then after that we do the same thing squeezing the ball and then putting the ballm on my leg while still holding the ball and then rolling it up and down my leg while holding onto the ball yat is a great exercise for your fingers and your hand and once she takes my fingers of of the ball my fingers does not curl up like they use to now my hand remains open so don"t give up on your arm or your fingers it will come with alot of work my hope is that i have describe my workout regime at physio that you will have an idea of what i am doing and be able to continue doing that at home without to mmuch cost akll the best in your workout with your roller and your ball it is slow but it is progression i hope that i have explane for you well all the best in your recovery and as you get bigger and bigger the tone should subsided quite a bit


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Thanks lenny, Ray has used a ball and a beanbag but not a roller so when he comes home I will get some different textured balls and a small rolling pin as I am sure that will do.


I appreciate new ideas as that means I have some new things fro Ray to try.



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Lenny: great suggestion. With the new Baclofen dosing, Bruce is working that right hand all the time. He finally "feels" it. Am going to get out the ball and a paint roller to have on his table for him to try. Thank you, Debbie

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