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isn"t your brainan amazing at how it can repair itself



i have noticer that as time goes by like i said it is so slow that you have to wait for a long time to notice anythingbut i have notice that initially right after my stroke i use to jump right out of my skin when iwoul;d hear a noice like a bus using his airbrakes and that shsh sound that it makes my central nervous system has gone hay wire but over 10 years now the sound doesnt put me in panic mode so i am getting better all of the time but it is very small but still coming so i just find that the brain is an amazing organ to be able to find a pathwayblock to send information to the affected body and yet some how find a way to repair itself so that the body will recieve the proper signals i just wish that it would be a little quicker but then again as londg as it is getting better all the time i can"t wait to see just how munch i can do so just be patient and keep on tring because your brain is always working to find new pathhways . and soon not soon enough it will all the best in your revovery , just be patient and learn toi enjoy life


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