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guess what i did at physiotherapy ?



well as you know i went to physiotherapy and when i got there i went into the warm water into the whirlpool tub with my left srm up to my elbows, after soaking my left arm for about 10 minutes i then got up and then we imediartly start, working on my arm and fingers to open and close so fird=st of asll if you have lots of tone you will need some assitances but you can get the tools that you will need at no cost to you but if you have a water bottle enpty of cosarse then you can wrap a towel over the water bottle , just to give it some texture then using your helper or caregiver take the cilender water bottle with towel and take the fingers and wrap around the clinders so that you can get a good gripe then using your shoulders lift up the water bottle empty of corseand then with your wrist turn it to the left 4 times then to the right 4 times then after foing thar=t take your arm and extend ypour elbow all the way streach out your affevted arm and then turn it to the left 4 times then to the right 4 times and then after that you will graduate to a rubber ball with air in the ball so you can squess it about the size of a n grapefrute now i use a weigted ball it was 2 pounds and probaly very cheap to ny but just a little bigger than your water bottle so you are actually open up your fingers with assitant or caregivers to take your fingers and close yor fingers tight enough to be able to hold the ball after picking up the ball in your left hand affected hand then you will begin by squeezing the ball first hard then release do that for 5 times thyen after that while picking up the ball then turn over the ball using your wrist and your shoulders do that left 5times then right 5 times after tremoving your fingers from the ball you will notice that your fingers has become less toned and munch more plyable thats what i did at physiotherapy when i go which is every wednesday all the best in your recovery on your arm and you must remember in getting your arm to be functional in my case ihave been 10 years in recover and my arm has not moved since then so it will take some time tobefore you see some results but of coarse if you do this enough timeds you will soon be able to dwrap your fingewrs by yourself so don"t give up it is very helpful it will get those muscle moving that hasn"t moved for a very long tim,e i hope this is helpful to ypu it is all about getting the fine moter skills working again so please like befor be patient


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great work and determination:gym: .now that i seem to have my ankle under control i have to get working on my hand and fingers.blessings lynn

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thank you for sharing. You always give me so much hope. I do need the detailed directions. I will use those in the future with William

Good luck.


I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well.



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