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how to get the parilize arm to work roll that ball



hi folks well as you know i am able to walk but ,y arm left arm is not working so well and yes it has been 10 years now but my feeling is as long as i continue to do better i am still moving forward and i still might get it nothing is fo sure but if uyou don"t try to you won"t get it i am tring to remind my brain that i have a left side and an arm that needs to become fuctional so here is what i am doing to give my brain and my arm a kick started however you will need some assitance thank god for the caregivers the article you will need is aabout the sise of a rolling pin or a water bottle wrap the water bottle in a towel togive you some texture and it"s a good way to get a good grip on it so while sitting down your caregiver will wrap your hand and your fingers arond the water bottle holding onto the water bottle you will squess it and then lift the waterbottle while hpoling it up to yoursholder, and then downagain repeat this move up and down over and over again 6 times after doing that then while the water bottle is being hold by your arm then with your arm fully extendedturn your arm and sholder to your right 5 times then to your left 5timesand then after you are finish dointurning to the leftthen lift up the water bottleall the way to yourright hip then take your fingers off of the water bottle with the help of your caregivers then while still sitting and relaxing you will be using a ball about the size of apple i use a 2 pound weight then your caregiver will wrap your fingers around the ball now it should be a bit larger than the waterbottle after you can hold securley with your hand you will then squeeze and release 4 ttimes then again while still holding the ball tightly you will then roll the ball over and over along your lap using your shoulders and incorporate your elbow round and round we go do that for azbout 8 times you will probably find thAt it is getting alot easy than it use to be now i know that my blog tend to repeat itself but that is what your brain needs to do it over and over again untill finally your fingers will be able to gren the water bottle and the balls all by your self and by incorporating your shouldes and your elbopwyou will in fact be using most of your muscle in your arms to make it a very fuctional arm so lets go get that ba]ll and stat to roll it across your lap


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Hey Lenny,

Thanks for the tip.

Found also that the 3# Folgers coffee can is helpful

I take 5# of weight and put it inside then try and grab the handle that is in the side of the can

Helps stretch out the fingers

Good stretching!!!!!


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Lenny, a thoughtful and helpful blog as usual. I hope people are reading it and getting the tips and using them. Keep up the good work.thank you hoost sue for the very bice compliment and like you host sue i hope that they will read my blog and try to do that because it is very helpful and certaily useful to my arm thank you host sue



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