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went to a 50thbirthday party and wow!!



wellmy cousin was having a 50 year old birthday party and me and my wife was invited to go and wow!!what a great time we had the party started at 5:00 and when we arrive all my cousin and other family was there and of coarse it was decoratuion to the 10swith party favors along with wine red and white or beer and lots of food oh wow did we eber eatyou name it we had it and of coarse when i went to the party i wore my bioness so when i do that i don"t use my cane and yes i did dance with my wife not to a live band however it was on tape and there was an mc, and we talked and we laugh and of coarse i had alot of memories like when i had my 50the virthday party and my cousin came to it at my cousin birthday party there were 1hunredand 40 guest los of catching up we all did and i meet some party goers however we had to leave early at 9::30 because of our puppy ortiz we didn"t want to come home and found that the puppy haschewed every shoes that i owned, and you know he looks very good for 50 years old alot better than i look at that age but i still had a great time time there was lots of speaches , so we all got a chance to reminenceand then i save the best for last along came the big birthday cake and it was very very good but it had 50 candle on it so it had to be bigand after the cake come my cousin made a big wish beforehe blow out all 50 candles and was i ever impress but i wuyas so happy i was able to go ad enjoy myself and the only thing that i dwasn"t able to do YET!!was to get my food so i had to ask my wife/caregiver to get my food for me and yes i had lots of food so munch that it"s a good thing that i had my wife help because i couldn"t cary it all so yes i had a ball and all of this fun that i had at the birthday party wouldn"t have been possible without my good friend kimmie who coverd my chat host shift so thank you kimmie very munch


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