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Labor Day, The Paid Holiday For Many Folks



Well Labor Day as I know it to be was the last day the beaches and public pools were open for the summer. That was always the big ending to summer fun years ago and the day before school started for the fall/winter semesters. My that seem like it was ages ago for me. I can't remember me ever getting paid for that holiday but I suppose I did one time or another! I can only remember now that I'm a lot older these days and my wife is off work from the bank she has held for so many years.


Here at Fort Hood Texas the military will be celebrating out at the lake area and families getting together in a big welcome back home from the war zones. Some fathers will be seeing their young kids for the very first time. Then of course there are those that gave their all in the wars and have been laid to rest. That's always the hardest part of homecomings and get togethers when not all of them come back alive!


I do hope all the members here enjoy the holiday with their families and friends where ever you may be. Please be careful and don't drive if you been drinking. Usually that day see many people cooking out, back to school shopping and looking at the new model vehicles on the showroom floors. However with our economy like it is with so many still without jobs or cash on hand just to keep a home and food on the table is a big deal these days. I pray times get better before they get any worse and this war comes to an end real soon.


I think my wife and I will just stay home and enjoy each other then if it gets below 100 degrees maybe ride out to the lake area and people watch. Our family members will have to gear up for their return trip to New Orleans on Monday too! Where does the time go? I'm thinking I will be very tired come Tuesday morning but life goes on and we do what we gotta do to get through the week with a sense of humor left.


Our little grand daughter is ready to go to school. She knows it will be time to see all her friends again and do home work too. Her big book bag is packed and sitting by the door. I just hope she stays focused on school work being in the third grade. That will be new for her and she's not very big at 7 years old. I am glad it's a christian school where no bullying is allowed. I guess I wouldn't be concerned if she was a bit bigger and taller.


I'm continuing my prayers for all our members as we can never get too many prayers going in this world today. I feel so much better asking our God to bless us all daily and guide our paths safely. Here is hoping all our new members know we are here for them in a support role. I read the message board where many of them are seeking a local support group near where they live. Usually the hospital where you were treated can advise you in that matter. That's how I found a local group near my home. I just wasn't able to make very many of the meetings but found out about the group here on a world wide basis. For me that was better and I learned more about strokes and care giving by being here!


We have so many knowledgeable survivors and care givers alike to learn from. Boy, many of them have seen it all and been taking care of family members and loved ones for a long, long time. I feel that's a part of why I learned to be so positive in my process of recovering from a brain bleed stroke.


I hope to still be around for many more Labor Days to come and better physically than I am currently. I sure would love to be walking unassisted and not having to use a scooter but on the other hand I'm glad scooters are available for anyone not able to walk very far on their own. Maybe one day the sidewalks and entry ways to buildings will all be accessible for the person with one usable hand and leg!


Happy Labor Day everyone! Be extra careful and help those who can't help themselves to well! :big_grin:



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hope you had great labor day.This year I celebrated labor day American style going to beach with family & shopping for kido for his new school year. hope you had great time with your family.




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Fred, Down her in Georgia we have been back to school a couple of weeks now. Just when you get kids into a routine they have a holiday. Oh well!

Fred with your sense of humor I can't believe you ever get tired.

Were all praying for everyone traveling on this holiday and of course

all our military serving for our freedom.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail: (I'm at home and not planning to drive) lol

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