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Just a few more days to wait



Guess you could say the countdown for me is on now. Tuesday I see the doctor 2 hours away and than wed face the heart catherazation. I hope and pray it will turn out an easy fix for my heart problems. But what ever is needed to be done I will do it to get my health back.


I know I have a great bunch of friends and extended family members here on stroke net that are and will be praying and pulling for me to get better. I know I must do this so I can take care of kitty and rose.


Hopefully Rose will keep you all informed on my progress while I am gone. I promise I will be back on line and with you all as soon as the doctors release me to come back home and I feel able to.


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Mike we will be praying for you that you have great success with the catherazation. I feel you will do well. We will be looking for Rose's updates. Take care.



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Mike: you know we will be praying for and thinking of you and your family. Bless your Rose for letting us know. She is a blessing. Best to Kitty. And please try to enjoy some time with your family. I know you do not get to see them often and I am sure your Mom is anxiously awaiting your arrival. Hugs and I agree with Julie, I just have a good feeling about this. Debbie

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oh mike you know i will be praying for you on your surgery and i would just like to say thank you rose for kepping us informed on how mike is doing and yes with all the prayers that you will be getting you shopuld be on line with us soon god bless you mike and with god speed get home early

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