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Ahh the joys of having neighbors



This is a multi subject blog, hang with me.


I really didn't know what good neighbors I had until I had my stroke. Our next door neighbor, has a small family with 3 children (2 living) We would walk together in our neighborhood pre-stroke. It would give her a much needed break from her son who has autism. Well, I knew we were friends, but I still haven't gotten the hang of making/keeping friends as an adult. When I was in the hospital she was in my regular room when PT's tried to stand my noodle behind up and she was watching giving me positive feedback. Well she would also come to my hospital room and put my make-up on for me, apparently I looked pretty bad. She thought my daughter would like to see me looking more "Mommyish" Well, I think we have made a pretty good neighbor team. Her husband left for Iraq Easter of '04. When he was gone, I would go visit her often, knowing I wouldn't be interfering with spouse time. Thankfully, he returned safely of this year fully able and well.


Also the neighbor on our street who is the "mother hen" came out of the woodwork to see me too. She is the one who is retired/knows it all and sits in her lawn chair infront of her garage, and will call the police on you if you break any city code violation. She knows everything. She keeps our college bachelor pad neighbors in line, she made them hang up my friends Christmas lights when her hubby was in Iraq that Christmas. You do as you're told with her. I actually love to go and talk with her, now that I have time smile.gif, b/c you will get the gossip of the neighborhood on that street.


Now, today I feel very ashamed of my neighborly thinking and actions.

I assumed this one neighbor of ours had stolen a dog! Let me catch you up to where I am now. My daughter plays with her 3 boys, they are rarely tended to, and roam the streets in the summer. Last month all of a sudden they had become pet owners. I have never talked to the boy's mother. The littlest boy said that they had stolen the dog, the middle boy said "No we didn't!" Unfortunately that comment made me think they actually did. I know how kids rat out their parents at school. "Yeah, my parents do this and that Mrs. Sullivan." I just happen to look at the classifieds today, and I see a lost dog ad that had a pic. that looked just like my neighbors dog. I wanted to talk with hubby first to make sure I wasn't thinking 'brain damaged'

Hubby said, that he thought it was the ad's dog too. It was such a pathetic ad pleaing for someone to find their dog and bring her home!I am a dog lover, and it broke my heart. Now I feel bad, b/c I got their hopes up I had found their dog. I called the number in the ad and gave them my number.Story ends up. Dog owner's daughter of missing dog lives in our neighborhood. I am told to give her daughter a call the next time I see the dog outside, so she can come and secretly check out the dog before she just goes and accuses them of stealing her mammas dog. Thankfully this was all done in secret. The lady came over and confirmed the dog was not the lost dog in the paper.

I am so ashamed! I thought I was doing a good deed, but I look back, and I was doing a decesious one.

I have learned a lesson. Thankfully me and my husband are the only ones who know. Well now you guys all know.



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As the mom of a great dog, I'm glad there are people who care enough about lost dogs finding their rightful homes to do what you did. It could have turned out the the way.



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I'm with Jean,


You did the right thing and handled it very appropriatly. The old saying, "better safe than sorry". At least now you know it's not the lost dog instead of it nagging at the back of your brain.



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Thanks Michael! I agree with you and Jean too! Now me and my hubby, have an ongoing joke, that when we see a dog outside someones house we say "Oh, I bet they stole that dog!"


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