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Doctor Update



Okay, some of you may have read about my cardio app. and how I have been nervous about it.


Well the echocardiogram showed a normal funtioning heart! Mitral valve that I had surgery on looks great! I did mention to him, that I feel "light headed" sometimes during the day. For my sanity and his curiosity, he sent me home wearing a 24 hr. heart monitor. I feel good about it, and feel sure it will show nothing new to us. I wore one right after my stroke and it came back normal. The nurse said something about maybe my blood pressure is getting a little low during the day. I was 16 pounds lighter since my last visit in Nov.!!! Yes it was on purpose, I had been trying to shed some stroke weight/ old pregnacy weight/niece dieing weight. Pretty easy, I just stopped emotionally eating! I was using food as a drug and comforter.


After my appointment the fam. went out to eat to celebrate, we went to this quaint little mexican place in the area. Of course my daughter orders a hotdog!:) Crazy girl.

I can relax now!! WE picked up some wine on the way home, but now, I think I will take a nap. I feel like I have been up for days! It is crazy what stress will do to you, huh?

-Amy from Arkansas


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