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The End



Sunday was probably the last graduation ceremony that Stern Photography will ever shoot. Hubby shot while I reloaded cameras when in the past(prestroke) we would alternate photogs with each roll of film shot. We had two grads on Sunday; one a college with 330 grads and the other a high school with 125 grads. The college grad was 10 rolls of film and the HS was 6 rolls(lota speakers at the HS){ we shoot each grad as he/she receives their diploma and then mail a proof to their family in hopes they will purchase a pic...it's all done on speculation that they will buy at least one pic per grad shot...we don't get rich off this, it's really just a nice service that the school allows us to provide for the families so they don't have to jockey for a position to take their grad's pic. Plus, we have the good equipment so the pic will turn out great}


Hubby wants to quit the photography business so 'he can spend more time with me' or so he says, time will tell wacko.gif


After 20 years of shooting grads it will seem weird not doing it in the future. But it will free up our Memorial Day Weekend. We've never been able to do anything family-wise because of the photo business obligations.


If we had digital cameras we could just continue and the lab does all the work then by posting the proofs on the internet for people to order from. But, alas, we have 5 good film 35 mm cameras and 2 good medium format film cameras all of which are probably worth only $100 each now that there are digital cameras. We've got probably $3,000 invested in those film cameras. They've served us well but they've been outdated. It'd be fun to have a digital camera to play with. they're cool because you can shoot all you want and no film/developing costs and you can see what you shot right after you shot it,cool?


Anyway that's a thing of the past and it's time to move on.....


I wonder what the next decade will hold.


Ah, technology...isn't it great? It'll retire an old work horse and take over the chores to 'make life easier' I'm reminded of an Andy Griffith episode where the local milkman who had been usng a horsedrawn buggy to deliver the milk and the compnay made him use a truck. The old horse he'd used for years felt neglected and went on a hunger strike 'till the milkman had the horse follow him in the truck.


Guess it's my time to 'go to pasture' so to speak.

I wonder what I'll find to do in that pasture. silly.gif

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somethiong tells me you'll find SOMETHING fun to do in that pasture of yours, janice!!! btw, i have a 35 mm( still) and a digital, and while digitals are FUN, it isn't the same quality of artistry which is involved with the 35mm.


maybe you should just walk in front of the digital like the old horse. hell, take a picture of it!!!! wait at the soda fountain in the pharmacy while the soda jerk makes you a banana split while they develop the film!!! yeah, i too was born in the wrong time zone!!!!!



kim beer.gif

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