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Letting go of old habits



This isn't about letting go of old bad habits like over eating or smoking, but rather I'm beginning to learn about things like how I am/have been verbally abusive and controling.


I don't know how anyone could grow up without being taught right from wrong and how that could be done without being controling.


Exactly how does a person let go of past training and/or rearing in how to train?




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good question janice,


i WISH i knew the answer!!!!! i read somewhere that old habits can be "unlearned" in two months by replacing them with new habits. i never had the where- with-all to actually try it, so i don't know first hand if it works. but it's worth a try!!! if it works for you, let me know. you can be the guinea pig!!!!!!



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It is all self awareness. If you are aware of what you're doing, catch yourself when you go to do it and hold on,on acting in the manner that you want to break. It may become a new habit.


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