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I just answered Asha's blog and I was wondering what the appeal is to forbidden fruit? Of course in Asha's blog I was discussing Victoria's secret products. But I am bored so my thoughts continued down the path to include all forbidden fruit. I am trying to understand the appeal. Maybe I need to stop living a fantasy life in my head and get out there and be with someone who is forbidden or off limits for some reason. If I did that, I am still off limits as I'm not divorced yet, but seperated. Nah, the spouse has moved on, I need to do the same. So an affair is forbidden fruit, what else is considered forbidden? I'm sure there is something that has Religous overtones( the seven deadly sins come to mind)

How about someone elses chocolates? Sneaking just one adds to the yummy flavoring and satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret Bras are another. I can vouch for the comfort and secret "cat licking its whiskers" kind of satisfied feeling of wearing their products. I was never into fashion or clothes, but I raved about those bras after I bought them. I didn't get to enjoy them long as I couldn't wear them post stroke. But I do remember the feelings I had when I bought and wore them.

Something else I will confess to that I get much guilty pleasure from is...... smoking in the apartment! Once in awhile I do light up a cigarette inside. The first few times I did, I felt like a high sschool kid hiding it and sneaking it. I hadn't smoked inside in over thirteen years cause when my son was a baby, we stopped smoking in the house. I have smoked outside in thunder storms, -40 below freezing winter mornings and 100 plus degreee days too. Also, I found I didn't like the smell of smoke in the house, so now I'm lighting candles, spraying Oust and keeping the windows open.

I guess I can say that the subject of Forbidden Fruit is disirable because an element of satisfaction is added, it ups the level and stakes. Duh! Like I needed to ramble on and on about this to figure it out????? What an airhead I am.



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the day I figured out how to wear 1 hand bra, it made me so happy, I wrote blog about it, and me 2 just month ago I had ordered few fancy bras from catalogue, which became untouchable fruit for a yea, and the day I was able to work on front clasping bras, and was able to wear it, I tell you felt like comlete woman again, as it is I m not buxom beauty and sports bra used to flatten my boobs, so I was so happy that I can wear bra again woohoo, and also with saree you have to wear blouse, so you do need bra underneath, so my mom might buy bras from VS, but it just feels odd, my dad has passed away for 10 years, and when I was growing up, talking about sex or anything like that was big taboo in our house, for crying out loud, I did not know how babies are made till I got married which was till 21



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For what it is worth Pam, in my book if you are separated and start a new relationship it is not an affair.

It means you have moved on. As you say it doesnt bother spouse so why should it bother you, if thats what you want/ need to do. Take care tho, new relationships on the rebound might not be all they are thought to be.

I wish you happiness whatever you do.


PS stop feeling bored and get on with all those projects you had lined up LOL

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