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Not sure how I am gonna pull this off



So my daughter ( the one who has the house in AZ ) is planning to go to AZ during the end of the month.. I have Weston for that week.. I agree to it knowing it is time to step into the role of grandparent, at the level , my , parents provided me with.. I never traveled but they did day care for 3 kids ,day and night for me , while I worked and Dan worked.. My dream as a grandparent was to do the same for my children.. So we have weston for a week.. This should be interesting.. I will have some help my teenage daughter will help and so will the 22 yoa daughter.. Both work .. So we will need to juggle some, but as a family we will do this... And yes westons mom has offered to just not go... But she works hard and a vacation she should be able to have .. In the end she might back out ( knowing her) ... Next year hopefully Weston will be better behaved and able to travel for the. 3 hours... Right now for him it is unrealistic... And daycare around here has been a fiasco, we have a huge shortage... And the state with the wisdom - only the state can have, is cracking down on them.. Measuring square footage and just generally being obnoxious... In Bismarck they have shut some down pushing 150 kids out ... Here in Jamestown there is such a shortage ... Sooooo till westons daycare opens again ( their child has cancer/ reconstructive surgery) I am it.... Hopefully Dan can do this , he usually removes himself when he gets overwhelmed into his bedroom....well we will see what happens......


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Carefully is how you got to pull this off and I really feel you can handle the task at hand. You have the mental mind to process the needs as they come up where it will like routine in your mind. Then your other mind tells you this is not a permanent deal so Nancy you can and will handle this without any problems.

How about that for having faith as a care giver even with grand children in your care for a week or two for that matter???

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Does Dan nap during the day? It might be wise to stagger Weston and Dan's naps so neither of them get overwhelmed. Otherwise you could have crises like on the AZ trip.

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Nancy: the very first thing you have to consider is your own health and your current numbers. Get your blood test now and an Epogen injection if needed. Unless you are right on top of this health-wise, you are setting yourself up for a problem.


Next, if you are sure this is OK - to the best you can - get Weston's Mom on that plane.


Start and put up some meals, both for Dan and for Weston. Snacks for Weston. I know you have all the electronic toys he might like. So then look to day trips - library readiing, indoor go carts or hand ball, local arcade. Get some movies in. Plan on a walk every day, even if just around the block. Weston may be able to walk the dogs with you. Do that right before dinner, after dinner: bath, some time out - reading, a movie - just down time so he is not hyper before bedtime.


Now as to Dan. let your daughters have a couple of hours with Weston after lunch. Dan should nap or rest, maybe a movie for him, a walk. Some fresh air, a ride out for coffee. Your weather is going to be the issue.


You are not going to be able to forecast Dan. You already know that. He either will or will not accept this and it will be hour to hour. Pay attention, get those pills into him when he is accepting - few hours on either end will not make a difference. Get some Car Magazines in, crosswords if he likes that sort of thing. Download some magazines on the Ipad. If he likes to help out let him fold laundry, do meal prep. Maybe he could prep some chicken or steak for dinner a few nights. And have him make some muffins or cupcakes.


I am already figuring that you have a "time out" area for Dan. Weston might not understand, but if you set him up in an area away from Dan, that may work. Big thing will be Weston being able to run - and hopefully that will be outside.


No small undertaking certainly. But prep ahead and then it will all sort itself out. Bless you for thinking of Weston's Mom and knowing she needs some time off. Debbie

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