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How many people were there???



Well, we had the benefit for Lisa on Sunday and what a day it was. One of the goals she set for herself was to make it to her benefit, and man am I glad she did it. It started at 3:00 p.m. so I had her there right at that time. There were around 200 people there already. It was held at a local bar with a very nice banquet area. They hold benefits there for people all the time. We found out on Sat. that they were CLOSING THE BAR TO THE PUBLIC because of the advance ticket sales. Now, as I have said, we had nothing to do with the organizing of Lisa's benefit so we had no idea what was going to happen. When the sold tickets were finally counted, we had sold just over 1000 tickets!!! Amazing!!! The bar owner said it was one of the largest benefits he has ever held. The people just kept coming. No one could spend more than a few minutes with her because the line was so long. With all the proceeds, we will be adding an addition on to our house (I think I've said that before).


Lisa was at her benefit from 3:00 to 7:00. She had a great time. There were people there she hasn't see in 20 years. I was by her side almost the entire time keeping an eye on her. With transportation time included, Lisa was in her chair for 5 hours and by far the longest time yet. It was very encouraging. But, she is really paying for it now. She's tired but happy. Just like me.


On the medical front, there have been some developments. First, Lisa has been having problems with I guess I could call it "motion sickness" for lack of a better term. She has a Dramamine patch behind her ear, and as the potency of the patch begins to fade, she gets sick. Twice yesterday. She pretty much took like a grain of salt. Just looks at me and gives me her "Oh Well". I talked to her doctor and it not a problem that can't be fixed.


Second, even better, she had her trach taken out today. happydance.gif It was about time. She has had that thing for 3 months now. It was due. Of course, I am still a little apprehensive about it, but the E,N&T doctor was confident she was ready.


Thanks, Butch



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that is SO heartwarming THAT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE SHOWED UP TO HELP!!!!! you both must have been flabbergasted. i am so happy for you both. when people pull together to help out a neighbor, it always warms my heart. thanks for sharing the happy news.




my best

kim pash.gifpash.gif

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Glad to hear everything went well at the benefit and that so many people showed up to give their support smile.gif .


Also good to hear that the trach is finally out.


I'm rooting for you two as always;


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