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Nothing Much



Nothing really to blog about today. It is a cold, windy day in N. Minnesota. The summer has started out terrible this year. School is ending tomorrow and our daughter is having some friends over after for a BBQ. Our son is starting his new job at Sam's Club tomorrow also. A huge jump in pay for him. Good, he needs it for school.


Things are moving forward. I received a bill from the pharmacy that supplies Lisa's meds. First off, I have reached my out of pocket limit for the year and shouldn't be getting anymore bills, but that's a story for a different time. Anyway, one of Lisa's meds is running $1000 A MONTH. For 15 treatments. What the hell are they injecting her with? Gold? That's just ridiculous. I'm sure all of you have a med horror story, but this is our first. I asked what it was and what it is supposed to do. It will be finished by the end of next week. Something about it is supposed to help the Coumadin that she gets.


The Wife's car will be out of the shop on Friday. They took the bumper off and found some more damage that needs to be fixed. It has been horrible having only one car because now I have to find time to schlep the kids all over. I should be getting it back on Friday.


That's it for now. Butch


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