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Looks And Feels Like Winter Is Still Present



Just when you think the weather is warming up a bit I look at TV tonight and see it will be 27 to 32 in the morning (Friday) in my neck of the woods here in central Texas. Today, well this evening the temp was 71 but was colder this morning. Now they are saying colder for the next several days plus rain before it warms up again. Before too long Easter will be coming around the bend and I still remember one Easter it snowed enough to make snowmen in the yards.


I suppose the weather is one element the people has no say-so not even doing a rain dance to change what the good Lord has in mind for our areas of this old world. We sure can't change a thing not even which way the wind blows or how fast or slow. As you know our trusted weather people will give us all those stats as if we can do something about them. When they predict rain to get your umbrella I don't pay attention because usually it doesn't rain or maybe a small shower or two but not in my area of town.


I still feel for all you members in the New England areas when they reported on the weather channel some of the streets the residents couldn't move their cars and the snow plow trucks were not in operation. The people were angry at the mayor for not doing anything about the heaping piles of snow already piled up and the roadways were still not clear.


I'm still wondering about that Ground Hog that was supposed to have seen his shadow indicating an early Spring season. Maybe his eyes are getting a little weak lately. Some of us can't see like we used to and in my case I can't do nothing like I used to do a few years ago.


Well the disabled Carnival cruse ship is about 1.6 miles from the dock so I will get off here to look and listen to all the passengers tell their horrid stories of their terrible cruise. See Ya!

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We have our own groundhog ceremony here on Long Island, featuring Holbrook Hal, and he said six more weeks of winter. I thought maybe that was just for us locally but guess not. I know my friends in Arizona have the same kind of weather as you, it snows at night and then they're in their pool in the afternoon. Actually here it's been in the mid 40s or higher the last few days, I've been going out with a Tshirt, but still snowing a couple more inches every few days too. Can't say it's boring! Funny that you are hearing the plowing complaints all the way down there; the town next to us fired their highway supervisor because he didn't come in during the storm for one minute, claiming he had a toothache. The town supervisor was in Jamaica (West Indies, not Queens) on vacation and didn't come back til it was all well over, there are calls for his resignation too but he is blaming the other guy of course. What a mess, the thing is, up here we pay megataxes and expect the best service, and everyone feels entitled to complain loudly when we don't get what we expect. We here in Riverhead town are so lucky to have the most wonderful highway dept and were shoveled out about 24 hours later, not that I had anywhere urgent to go luckily. Me and Ray dodge the weather bullet once again!


I keep thinking of Nancy and I on our cruise in November, the first 24 hours were really bad with the rough seas due to the hurricane, especially the resultant seasickness, but Norweigan has the most professional crew you can imagine and the next six days made up for it. All the comments I read on the internet regarding Carnival mention that as long as they didn't run out of liquor, which made me laugh. Guess it was like a survival course, you do sign papers before you go saying you won't hold them responsible for anything that might happen, but I'm sure there are more lawyers waiting on the dock that family members!

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