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My Wife's Lil Sister Gets Married Today 16 February 2013



By this hour in New Orleans I suppose my Lil sister in law has another hour or so to be single. I think the wedding was scheduled for 4pm and I can't remember the place location. I think at a community hall but my short term memory has left me thinking as usual and not knowing for sure. Anyway I didn't have the desire to make that 8 hour drive Thursday night and all the hoopla up to today. I'll just have to wait until they come to Killeen to visit us again. I don't know if there will be a honeymoon to some exciting place right away but probably it's in the makings.


I had very few calls from my wife so I can imagine they spent some time at the casino Friday night and shopping today earlier and making preparations for the wedding. I don't get excited about weddings any more I have had enough of my own for a life time of memories. That's my wife's baby sister and they are super close, on the phone daily, but like their mom, she does not want to live in Texas. New Orleans is OK but I only go because of my wife otherwise I would never have to go there. It reminds me of San Francisco and I never liked that historical city either and it's the hometown of my second wife that walked away while we were serving in Baumholder Germany.


I stayed until my tour was finished a year later then returned to Fort Benning Georgia and retired with 22 years of service. I had intended to do 30 years of Army service during that time but I guess it wasn't to be. That year gave me 14 years being stationed in Germany and a daughter born over there in Munich in 1964. She was my first child by my first wife and childhood sweetheart.


I like Harrah's casino but it just wasn't my desire to make this trip this time for their wedding and this was her very first time to do so and I think the guy was married once before. They both got grown adult kids out on their own and she had one son killed during Marti Gras a few years ago. That really took it's toll on her at that time. We went to New Orleans for the funeral and spend time comforting her during that week because she and my wife are real close sisters of the four of them. I think they got 6 brothers but one passed before I met my wife.


I didn't want to stay there that many days either because my wife is off on Monday the bank is closed so I may not see her until Monday night when she returns. That's too long for me to be there and traveling in my condition. Then we have to consider the little puppy and the birds in their cage. I have to cover them at night and of course feed the puppy morning and early evening. She is already potty trained to the puppy pad for her business so that makes caring for her pretty easy. Otherwise that would have cost more money to leave her in the puppy hotel and they have cameras in there where you can see her on your computer or smart phone while you are away.


My grand daughter and her mom went with my wife so that left me home alone but I told her I would be alright not to worry. She put my clothes out to wear for church Sunday and I got food to eat so life is good. After the wedding at some point they all will probably visit the casino with my wife leading the way. The whole family love to play at the casino and they have several there in the city. But New Orleans is their birthplace and hometown and they been their all their lives until she left to relocate in Texas in 1996.


I met her working at the bank in 1997 and had just got my divorce so I was prime for a new wife. The next year (1998) we traveled in my motor home to Reno Nevada where we tied the knot. This has already been my longest time being married and for sure my last time making 53 years for me to this point. So four tries was the key for me and I have never looked back as life is what it is and I'm a very happy survivor. We both has been involved with our church and our strong belief in God where our faith is outstanding. I know that is what's keeping us and making life so worth living together.


I only hope and pray my Lil sister in law stays married to this man, he seem to be the one for her from what I see between them. I'll just keep praying and they have known each other for years now and appear to be in love for life which is what it will take. Long as it took me to type this they should be husband and wife by now!!


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Fred, I know what you mean about leaving the pets behind, not to mention going somewhere that has bad memories. When your wife returns, you can have a grand reunion! You probably wouldn't have seen much of her anyway, the women at a wedding always have lots of things going on. This is the first time I have heard the details of your past, hope you're not feeling too lonely tonight!

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Fred :


sometimes being separated from each other for little while makes love little stronger. you have come so far ahead in your journey that she can feel comfortable leaving you alone. that is testament to your recovery. not only you can stay alone but will also take care of pets.



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Fred: Bruce would have made the same choice you did. Stay at home, tend to Miss Kira and get away from all the Palmer Hooplah! If we were going for a short time with many breaks in the activities, that is one thing. But a wedding and family reunion of sorts would be too much for him. And bless you for considering your wife and knowing she is just having a wonderful time. Be careful, stay safe and she will be home with wonderful stories and pix to share. Debbie

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The big reason was the puppy and the birds had to be fed then had I gone, staying at her sister's house in the back bedroom and them screaming, hollering and playing dominoes all the time would have interfered with my quiet time. Then those homes are just not made for handicap people I have a hard time to get up the outside steps going into the house and trying to get out is worse. She wanted to stay by her little sisters house instead of the hotel so that left me home, I didn't want to go. Plus her daughter and grand daughter went with her so my place felt much better for me.


Then that place is as bad as Chicago, there is killings daily and nightly almost every day of the year. I got up this morning got dressed and went to church.


Thanks everybody for the comments! I'll see them when they return to Killeen or when we go again and stay at the hotel across from the casino where I can use my scooter to get around by myself.

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