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My Wife Made It Back Home



She got back today tired as can be from driving that 8 hours from New Orleans to Killeen Texas and all the wedding hoopla for a couple days. I don't think I would have made it staying awake all that time at my age. She says a good time was had for all attendees and plenty food and drinks to quench any thrust. She says her feet are tired and she is too because at this time she is in the bed snoring a bit that means her body is awful tired. I don't imagine they got any sleep at all or not much because when they go to the casino they stay for hours. Tomorrow is her work day at the bank on the early shift too.


Again on this trip I'm glad I stayed home caring for our animals and getting my rest. Tomorrow is appointments and making phone calls to my heart doctor again. I can't believe I didn't get the heart monitor yet maybe they figured I didn't need another test this close to the first one in August or September I think it was. I been taking my heart measurements and they been up and a few down in the slow heart beat zone.


I guess I can hang in here until I know something from the heart doctor who requested the monitor in the first place. Otherwise I won't worry myself about the monitor anymore. I will keep checking it for a few more days to have a good record of the slow heart beats in case. At least now my wife is back so I feel a bit better than being home alone.


So now I can concentrate on finishing my income taxes at my usual pace which is slow as I don't expect to be getting back any money to this point it says I owe. But when I'm finished I sure hope that changes. I'll just have to wait and see when I'm done.


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Fred :


I am so happy for you & your wife, not only you can stay alone, but be caregiver to those animals. you have come quite far in your recovery. I am glad your wife was able to go alone & attend and enjoy the wedding with her family. Its nice that your wife feels confident enough to leave you alone that in itself is big milestone.



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Fred it is always nice to see someone home after such a long trip we drove Calgary to Houston a few times - once brought back a Uhaul with treasures from Grandma's in Gonzales - about 3,000 miles.


I always did my share of the driving especially in the big cities - Wayne is a country boy through & through. I wouldn't even try that again. by the time we got home I'd have to sleep 3 x the time we were gone hotels are hard -seldom the correct assist bar for the toilet bed without assist handle so can't move or reposition at night - shower ^ bathing so much more difficult -- & so much more work for Wayne ,as I have some degree of independence at home with everything set up for me.



travelling is one of those things I find not worth the hassle anymore.


Remember driving through Dallas once seeing over & ove ra sign advertisinga Mexican buffett take exit # ___ we found it & it was good -- a great start to Texas!next had to find

some good bbq brisket. Dr. peppers and Cokes in large paper cups of crushed ice ( Food has always been a love of mine & problem)



awesome you & the critters were ok to stay alone . what a change from 9-10 years ago. nice your wife was able to get herself there-- as you said - it was very important to her



Susan from Alberta canada

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Fred, you did well. I don't envy your wife the drive home but I guess she had fun and it was worth it. It is good you can manage alone for a couple of days, it makes all the difference in the world to be able to maintain some independence.



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Hi Fred, please your wife hada good time and came back safe. Please that you did agreat job, looking after the pets,and keeping thehouse up and runing.

How is the taxes going? I hope you dont owe the goverment any money, I was looking for a loan! LOL

I am not gettinganything back, but I dont owe anything! wow!

Take it easy Fred, stop worrying and be happy


God bless



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WOW! Fred. Good for you being able to stay alone for a few days. I can be alone for a few hours, but not overnight.



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