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Bob's Day



Bob is very upset with himself, cranky, and down. He is now back to where he was when he first came home. Me helping him stand onto one leg by lifting with his gait belt. Me pivoting him to sit from the bed to the wheelchair (and vice versa). He was to the point where he could walk with a cane, from room to room, with me spotting him and holding his gait belt. Now he has lost that freedom of movement as he can't really lift the bad leg again, and feels miserable. Please pray that he is out of this injury quickly, and we don't have to drag back for an MRI to see if something was missed.


Today we started back where he was before he could stand at will. I placed the heavy duty walker in front of him, and helped him up (needed help even with the lifter). The plan is to get the bad foot down and slowly add weight bearing to it. He did that, some sways and some shallow squats, several times today. So this will keep his muscles from going to pot till he can walk normally. He has trouble lifting that leg, so when possible, we will start back on the hemi-walker that allows him to do what he did when he first came home and couldn't lift his leg - lean left and swing the right leg thru. But, I am possitive it will not be like before, as soon as the pain lets up he will become normal very fast. We just have to keep him from going to pot while waiting for 'normal' to return!


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I just hope he can get back to where he was before the injury because it's hard enough to progress as it is and starting over is a real Mother for you! The one reason I chose the scooter instead of a power chair I was so tired of being in that WC and couldn't transfer to the bed or to the table chair on my own or without help big as I was.


I hope Bob can get get pass this and get back to where he was it sure would be easier on you. Any setback seems like fall off the cliff to me!!

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Sandy: just want to remid you that sometimes a "strain" can take longer to heal than a "break". He just suffered a major strain or sprain, either definition is the same. Some weight-bearing, several times a day. Sessions will be short, then ice, rest and elevation.


His hip is the major support of his body and it is injured. Take it slow and try to keep up his spirits best you can. Maybe focus on upper body and some paperwork, reading; whatever works for him. Best, Debbie

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He was so down today. After we did the stand up with the walker a couple of times, I told him I thought I could see him improving already. It helped him to feel better, and attitude is sooooo important. It wasn't a lie though, I really am seeing something, a little more ability to just stand there and not look like he was about to collapse. By tomorrow, maybe a little better again.

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Debbie, yes, we are not trying to get him to force it. He is going very slow, just keeping the leg muscles stretched out and weight bearing so it doesn't atrophy on him. I had thought the same about doing paper work, but realized that he is not really much for paperwork right now, because he is still in that stage of being confused when a stroke surv. gets sick or injured.


I did carefully explain to him that it is not broken, but he is HURT. And we have to let it heal and try to maintain some muscle stretch and strength and wait for it to come around, doing things as the pain becomes less, rather than force with pain. I don't think it is like a strain or sprain, because I think of that like when you twist your ankle. His is more of an impact pain. And we will only do what he can do without wincing and showing pain. As it backs off a little, we will do a little more. He will carefully go thru each step to of hemi-walker->4 footed walker->cane to make sure he doesn't try something before he is really ready for it. Don't worry, I push him, but I base my push on assessment of his abilities, not just aimless pushing to get further.


I also think his ability to talk better and think will be another clue for me as to how he is actually doing.

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Sandy :


I hope & pray he feels better soon. I know it is very hard on us survivors to slam down with another hurdle to jump through. we feel e already have enough please no more pain. but ofcourse cheerleading & attitude of our caregivers helps us also to keep that positive mindset going.



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