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Imperfect Timing



I really have nothing to complain about. My laptop was seven years old and I definitely put that poor thing through the wringer. So when it died this week, it owed me nothing. But I did get a new laptop which is very nice. Remember I just said I have nothing to complain about? The touch/mouse pad is driving me insane. lol I start moving the cursor the direction I want it to go and it totally disappears off the opposite edge off the screen, which normally wouldn't be a huge problem except this laptop came with windows 8 and moving the cursor to the extreme edge launches certain programs which when I'm totally not extecting them to appear or the launch sound, makes me nearly jump out of my skin. Pre-stroke I wasn't easily startled--post-stroke I nearly have a heart attack.(not really) Sometimes if i sit real still and be very quiet I think I can hear my laptop laughing at me!

Speaking of Windows 8. I think once I learn how it works I'm really going to like it. But right now, the jury is still out. like knowing It looks like it comes with Kindle and some other apps that might come in handy It doesn't help matters that post-stroke things are so much harder to learn but I will keep at it until I do. And as far as the touchpad goes, I'll probably find the fix for that too. It will probably be a loose screw between the screen and my computer chair! :D


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You know back when, I asked about windows 9, well I have been using it and learned a lot about windows as I had time to play with it. It was recommended for people that knew how to operate computers and that wasn't me so I wanted to challenge myself.


I probably wouldn't change to windows 8 now and as I remember they had a windows 8 then I guess they reinvented it and now offering it again because before that windows 7 was it. My bank required windows 8 or windows 9 to access their site, I couldn't get on using windows 7.


Maybe like it says, you just touch it not try moving it around on the Pad, that's too much moving with your hand just a touch will suffice. Just my thoughts!!

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My new computer mouse jumps all over the place, I'll go to click one thing but then an audio ad that was nearby comes up; like you said, scares me into a good heart pump, especially late at night. I keep meaning to call Best Buys to look at it remotely and see if there's a fix, I paid for the year long service contract but haven't gotten around to calling yet. But it IS really jumpy and annoying, like it has little fits..


If I find out my computer came with Kindle, I'm going to kick myself for not using it all this time.

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If you have windows 8... start kicking. It is on the desktop and you just need to install the actual app. There is even a Kindle store where you can download free books. I might end up liking Windows 8 more all the time!

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Jame - I have lots of residual computer experience I remember most everything I knew or was taught prestroke - just slower trouble shooting now

Ii'm afraid to try to learn anything new - it is such a struggle . I will avoid a windows change until absolutely necessary. I have windows 7 from replacing about 2 yrs agoI always HATED the tracking balls on & mouse pads on laptops. even before stroke I had poor fine motor skills & couldn't finitely control the mouse that way.



I know nothing about the new windows my daughter just got a new laptop, too with the new windows and says there's going to be a big learning curve.




my sister in law is a network techie and has given me an invaluable tip. When you are experiencing a problem with Windows or Microsoft office applications. google your problem. often others have dealt with the same problem & you might find tips or answers to deal with it


for learning purposed play with that area of the screen to get the feel for when you've gone to far turn the speaker volume down



Jamie, have you considered adding a mouse to your laptop?


Susan from AlbertaCanada

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Well, I'll try again. I wrote once, and hit add comment, and I come back here and see it's not here. So:


Kindle is actually a free download at, it's possible it loads from there when you click it. I guess the only difference is that you could have had it free all along!


When I got my new laptop, it was love for 3 months, then it began crashing and freezing all time, now I can barely stay online. ANYWAY, I had always moved my cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen to get it out of my way, but win 7 had something there at went to show the desktop everytime I did that. I hated it. I recently discovered that I could right click there and deselect 'show desktop'. It's possible that you might be able to right click in those other areas and see a drop down box that would allow you to deselect it showing you something else.


Stingray, it is possible you have your mouse set to show 'roll-overs' so if you get close to an add or pass over it, it will open it.

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I used to have Kindle on my Android but there were only like three free of them was Dracula by Bram Stoker and the other two were similar. Maybe Ernest Hemingway? I will be checking into this further, as soon as I get my income tax paperwork in order for Monday! I also should just add Adblock like I had on my old computer, I guess.

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I downloaded a horrible amount of free ones, now if only one could manage to find the time to read more than 2 words at a time. If you go to and put FREE KINDLE BOOKS in the search box, and hit enter, you can either choose just the free kindle books, or one of the other options in the drop down box. There are a million of them.

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Sandy, thanks! I got the Kindle App installed and set to go. I think reading is my least favorite thing to do so it will take a pretty special book to get me to read it. I've been trying to figure out the rest of the stuff on here that I'll probably never use. I've been like a kid in a candy shop but I think now is the perfect time for a fresh pot of coffee and just relax.

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