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IM back home.

Little Jo


Hello to all sorry i havent been on for a long time . But iv been in the hospitial .The stroke i had in Feb15 2008 .Got a good hold on me this time .HAD t o have blood trans Two times an had newmonna 2 times an this year had to have cATARACT sURGERY in both eyes an my DIBEhas been going crazy but outher than that im doing very good . The lourd God has bless me an Help me get threw all of it.Ifell like a new persion again .SOi gust thought i wood let everyone know that im at home seet home . :mp3: :thumbsu: .


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wow Little Jo :


welcome back home, you have been through wringer between your blogs, but I am glad have kept positive attitude about it.


hopefully you will update us more frequently than before now.



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Welcome back Little Jo, always good to see lovely people like you back blogging again. So sorry you have been through so much sorrow and woe but hopefully you are on the mend now and will be fit for summer.


Read all the old timers blogs and you will soon catch up again.



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i Hello little Jo, I join the web site while you was going throught your travels LOL.Hospitals, are a joke. Why do they wake you up so early? you get no rest. Welcome back.

God bless



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