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I need insurance



Hi everyone, I need life insurance for myself. My husband has and he always tellsme that any thing happen to him, Iam "safe".

I want that for me. I have a wonderful husband, great son and a daughter that is not my husbands, and two grandkids. I want to make sure everyone is taken care of when I go to my final resting place. I just got turned down by Mutual of Omaha , who was my husbands employers insurance plan. The reason, my health history of diabetes and stroke. Yet, now it is under control, and my doctor told then that. So anyone know an insurance company that will give me a good rate?




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Honey: contact AARP. They offer some wonderful plans. I don't know about pre-existing conditions, but worth the phone call. Debbie

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I was concerned with life insurance. I did get turned down for pre existing (stroke) a few times. My work group life plan also turned me down from increasing what I had. They switched companies and was offering additional coverage without health screenings. They initially turned me down. But I was persistent, and they approved it later.

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I used to be a life insurance agent. I was independent so I could write for almost any company. I specialized in cases with significant health issues. Find an independent agent or broker, they may be able to help. Be careful with AARP and many other plans that tell you no health questions. Such plans have a two or three year waiting period before they pay the death benefit you expect. If you are confident you will last that long, go ahead, but such plans are usually far more expensive than could be purchased elsewhere. I am now retired so can't help, I'm afraid.

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I get a lot of mail daily about buying whole life, and all the other kinds of life insurances and on my computer in my emails I get no less than 5 each day. Even my credit union sends me insurance offers and I just delete them all. I'm thinking it is easy to find a company with Select Quote they claim to work with all these companies and can/will find the best one. You can call or on the computer and you will get an answer!! Maybe they all know my age and figure I need more insurance!

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