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England here we come



Hello my strokenet family, off to London we go! My husband and me, for the frist time we are travelling to London.This is the first time he is going to London. He would make up reasons to not travel with me and our son. Now my parents are getting up in age,and Dad keeps on asking hime to come over. We are leaving Florida which is 76, London is a whopping 36! but my husband has a postive attuide! I can not wait to show him , the home that I grew up, the school I attended. Meet my childhood friends, and some family who never come to Florida. I am taking lots of photos, then get my son post them.


I wish everyone the best, good health, and be blessed. I post from England. Iam so proud of myself that Iam making this trip, I remember tha doctors tellingme no! God is good!


God bless everyone, Fred I be back after three months.


Love Yvonne


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Travelling is the best therapy, but seeing family is more than equal to that. I am SO glad your husband is with you, enjoy every minute! Looking forward to your photos.

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Have a good trip, see you when you get back on this side of the white cliffs of Dover. You can see I went there and back by ship a few times many years ago. I'm afraid of traveling long distances in my condition now because of my short walking ability.

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vyonne :


enjoy your time with your family along with your husband, that will be so much fun. we will be waiting for your fun filled report with photos when you come back. I have traveled lot after my stroke & have done well. so don't worry just enjoy your time with your family.



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Enjoy your time away. I am going to go later in the year and catch up with some cousins, we are all 60's and 70's now so need to do it while we can still have the meet-ups. Hope you enjoy it all despite the temperature change.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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God bless you in your travels!!! Going home !!!We will always have 2 homes i think our childhood home and our home we have made now..have fun !!!

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