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Back from England, but did not see the Queen



Hello my Strokenet family, hope everyone is feeling well, MaryJo,so sorry for your lost, my prayers to you and your family.

I start by telling you the flight was good, Sandy, airport security was fine, and I haded my meds and needles. It was wonderful to see my husbands face as we saw the sights of London. My dad who is 85years old was our tour guide, he was excellent. I forgot some of the bus and where there stop, not my dad. The transportation is great, and there is a system that at the bus stops tells you when the bus will arrive . Just great, my husband loved the bus more then the underground which was very deep under the ground. We went everywhere, traveled on a open top bus, my husband sat on top not me too cold. It was the coldest that it has been for over fifty years! We went on a river trip, but it haded a downstairs which was very warm, lots of hot tea. We also went to a lot of soccer games, my nephew plays in the league, my husband enjoyed that, even if he did not understand the game LOL. Dad took us to a market, that had smell of food, great music, and people that you loved to watch. We eat so much, my family is from the West Indians, the food broughback my childhood. My friends have been together from we were 11years old till now! before my husband left, we got together, good food, drink,music and conversation. I felt so good, laught alot, it was great therapy, better then my meds! I did not get to see the Queen, but her husband was going throught the palace gate! I will be posting photos , as soon has I get the cord for my camara. Now I heard that the weather is better in London, my Dad says that only in England do you get four seasons in one day! LOL. My husband wants to go back, but he wants a longer time. I feel so bless, for been able to stay for such a long time, and come back feeling well, just sad for leaving my family. My family over here did miss me, and it was great to hug my grandkids. I am going back next year, taking them with me, that be a trip.


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Welcome home #2 vyonne, we missed you in our chats, glad you had great time with your family. I m glad your traveling went better than your worries.



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Yea, glad you had a great time, took pictures, did a lots of things and got back safely. We missed you but everybody needs a vacation once in a while and glad to read your husband enjoyed himself as well.


Next time you make that trip with the grandkids it should be double enjoyment and educational for them too! Wish I could go in your baggage free of charge!

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