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I have been trying to post my pictures that I took in England no luck! I asked my son and he said my pics are too big!!! I used my dital which is a Kodak easy share C182 .Any help please?

Also thank you to the people who remember my anniversary, I did not, to busy on my vacation LOL.


I had a cold for a week now. I had stop going for my walk, missing it going to start tomorrow, the doctor said if I lose weight I can get off some of my med's, maybe I can start to drive again. Of course I go and take the test again.


My Grandkids are getting ready for school, time goes so quick,my grandson is going into third grade, grand daughter into 1 grade, she loves school more then him. I tell them both, education is imporant, no one can steal it from you. We are planing to go to Disney as a end of summer treat. Iam so please that I treated everyone I worked with, with respect, I got passes , and that's what I teach my Grand's. I tell them everyone you treat the same, it does not matter about the skin color, what chothes they are wearing, and how they look, that same person, maybe the one that you need in later life. My daughter is good like that, then I teached her. I feel that it is up to us to teach the young ones about vaules, how to act, and be a good person. They love when I tell them about me growing up. We play games,I always lose, but I eplain that I lose with a smile on my face. Me, having a stoke taught them how to look out for people who need help. My grand daughter is my nurse,she makes sure that I take my med's, eat right, she knows about empathy.


My Son is home for two weeks, then he is back to school Tampa. We live by Orlando, we went to get him and help tidy the student flat he was in, his room mates had already gone home. Thomas did summer school. He drove back,and it was good to hear his views about the state of the country,education, and how he feels been a black man in America. He is no fool, he is well read, thinks about what he is saying, and has no negtive view about differnt cultures. He gives me hope for the furture.


Well everyone be good, any help with getting my photo's posted I be thankfully




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Guest lwisman


You can change the size (number of pixels) in a photo file with a lot of different editing software. In EasyShare, which is Kodak's program, right click the photo and select Save As. At the bottom of the box is an option to select size. I am not sure which works best, but I would try the best for web option. Photo size can also be changed with programs like Photo Shop. There are also free programs available, but I am not familiar with any of them.

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When you are on vacation you don't remember much back home, you are looking to explore new stuff in your life. Glad you experienced a great time with family and old friends alike. You just got good info above from Lin about posting pictures, I know nothing, you see how mine look and it was big. I just kept at it until I got it posted on here.


Our daughter graduated from college in May with a BA in the criminal Justice field of service and is looking to be employed soon. Of course my daughter by my first wife is not far from us serving time for doing a very stupid thing and three years left to serve.


Take care of the little ones, your son too while he is home with a little time left until classes start again for another semester in college.

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Thank you Iwisman, I will get my Son to try, Iam useless. Fred, please that your daughter graduated, good for her. You feel good,all you want is your Kids to do better then you did. Some of them do not listen, and think that they know everything, but as you age, you get wisher. I take care of my grandkids, they keep me going.

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Iwisman is right; most good editors (available for free) allow you to resize your photos. You can even copy the photo and have it in two or more sizes.

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