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A young man asked for food



So my husband and I were leaving the supermark, our shopping trolley full, when a young man stopped my husband. He told my husband his name and haded his ID in his hand. He wanted something to eat, he did not want money, so my husband took him inside, and brought him a dinner and a cold drink.


Iam so thankful that we were able to do that. We dont have money like that, we dont live in a fancy house, our car is on it last wheel, but there is always someone worse off.


Just wanted to share. Everyone have a safe Happy Thanksgiving


Love you all




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that stranger is christ in disguise... we are all his children and do for others as we would have done for us... through the years at the jail i often ended up giving out small amounts of cash here in there... for the guy who would get a bus ticket but then have to sit at a truck stop and wait without even a cup of coffee... so if i did the run , i generally would give just enough to cover a sandwich and coffee-- no liquor stores close by and they usually only had about a half hour... so i felt generally the money was spent as i had intended.. and i agree, always someone worse off... all we can do is what we CAN do... thank you, Yvonne and husband-- simple humanity must always be acknowleged ( although i know that is not what you were looking for) smiles... nancyl

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vyonne :


happy thanksgiving to you, I am so happy that you guys could do something good for other person. even after our adversity we still have lot to be grateful for.



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You and your husband will be blessed. I would have done the same thing that's just my



I remember my mom and I had very little money as I cut yards to feed us and she would say our help comes from the Lord! You have made my day Yvonne!


God had you and husband there for that purpose

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Guest hostwill



The Lord works in mysterious ways, even hobos here in calif get invited to people's homes. Perhaps, Jesus is letting us be the Good samaritans. What a privilege it is. I don't believe in co-incidence, there's a reason for everything.



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