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Its my birthday and I'll cry if i want to... not really..... ok i ate the whole bag



no-- it was just catchy, made you look title.... my day was oK... had the grandson.. dan ate, took his meds and drank... also worked on his assistive chat... for way to long... the man can't do moderation... when he works on something now it is so hard to get him to understand -- STOP-- you undo the good, by overdoing.... the kids and dan took me out to a nice resturant and dan crashed there.. he just wasent feeling well after the meal... and had a oops... not bad , we got home and all cleaned up and he went right to sleep... i'm gonna have to wake him for meds here in a little bit... hope that goes ok.... but the day went OK and by these days standards that makes it a good day...

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that goes on so rapid fire in our lives.. it's like a big test... i feel like god just keeps throwing the tests at me... but in reality i know this is not god doing this, it is what it is... unfortunate, and it is only god giving me the strength to endure... Free will i have written about it before... and believe it or not after i typed the word endure.... my daughter called from the bathroom and asked for a towel,, yes i am way behind in laundry.. and towels get washed but not folded and put away as often as i would like... NOT a priority... so i brought her a towel and thought oh i wish i had a little chocolate... i havent been anywhere long enough to shop.. and trying not to pack on to many pounds i usually forego buying any ( eat before you shop).... but hey my son and his wife gave me a bag of choc. kisses for my birthday when they were here.... Score !! i completely forgot till i went snooping... so apparently god gives you that little kiss right when you need it most ... This was a real true story.... I did not make this up....... little things like this happen to us all the time but wierd i would be writting about needing a nudge from god, and got a little one from god... in the form of chocolate...


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Nowadays it takes so little to make us happy, we are grateful for the tiniest crumb. Which isn't a bad thing, when you think about it. At least the crumbs do appear, and like you said, often just when we need them most. (and I know what you mean, I've been known to eat a handful of Nestle chocolate chips when I get desperate!)

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Nancy :


belated happy birthday, I am glad you had great time & you got your kisses. God do work mysterious ways. when we look deeply, we do find great joys hidden in ordinary things. I know I have found that in my life in routine things of life.



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You are an Angel in God's eye He knows your work even before you commit to it. He gives you the stamina to keep going when your mind has already quit and in reality He won't give you more than you can bear alone He is right there beside you!!


Think of how long it's been now since you quit your job and you have never looked back for anything you need?. He has spared my household the same way and we are still operating and giving Him His due praises.

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true !! fred true!! and i always knew it was this way, but reminders are good.... but in true nancy form i have ate the whole bag of chocolate and now feel UGHHHH... I'm not sure there is any lesson involved but i guess my post referred to dan not knowing when to quit, maybe sometimes i don't either ...... i am ready for a chocolate coma myself.... i am thankfull it was a regular sized bag or i would really be in trouble had it been a jumbo bag..... LOL this little piggy is gonna lay down...

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Glad to hear you didn't eat the large bag! I like the box chocolates but Larry does not eat sweets anymore. When I got the chocolates for Christmas I ate them once a day. It was so nice to have a treat a day! Remember the movie quote "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get". lol So true!



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Nancy: Happy Belated Birthday.


Like Julie - I am a saver, I want the stash! Being one of seven, treats were few and I always stashed. Sometimes the little brats found it and that just made me more determined to find a better hiding spot! Bruce once said, long ago, but you can just get more tomorrow. But you can't change who you are, your essence.


I always had some special treats here for Bruce, but with the Diabetes now, there is nothing. And I was talking in the Diabetes forum that I would kill for a bag of M&Ms. Mary Beth now brings me treats, just for me, late at night. I am nothing if not my Mother's daughter! LOL. My Mom once OD'd on dark chocolate covered cherries that Bruce and I bought her. My SIL was furious and I had to drive to Milford to flush Mom. But you know what Nancy - love that woman! She went out kicking and screaming. A true love of life!


And you are that as well. A true love of life. You go girl! Happy Birthday, Debbie

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Happy Birthday Nancy!! That was a great post. I am also a chocolate fanatic. I have a bag of Hershey mint chocolate kisses in my underwear drawer right now. Always there waiting when I need a "hit".

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I am out of chocolate! I don't buy much as I know I will eat it,I try not to do it all in one go though. Sometimes you just need to have thoses excesses to fell you REALLY had a treat.

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