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here we go again... in the er with something...



well good golly, miss molly... here we go again... dan has been running fever up and down, this morning he woke up and was just shivering he was so chilled but -- his temp was like 104... enough called the ambulance and we are suspecting a blood clot or he is septic, or the flu..... any and all are dangerous when you are healthy , much less compromised as dan is... he has been and is eating drinking and doing his part.. but with a temp of 104 he is burning out all his liquids... tylenol does bring it down for a while but it comes right back... he is in a good mood but frusterated and was upset when i called the ambulance but i think he knows i needed to... he is tired of being sick.... all yesterday he didnt get out of bed complained he was dizzy so he stayed in bed ate drank and slept .. then in the evening he started with the temp and the chills... but this morning he was CHILLED and shaking so hard i thought he would flip out of bed... and i knew this was more than a passing bug... so here we are again... but everyone here is so kind, i really think if it would warm up and that sun would show and we could just sit outside it would improve his spirits , any how good morning my fellow stroke netters...nancyl


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Rats! I hope they figure out the problem quickly and get him on the road to being able to enjoy the warm weather that will soon be here. Tell Dan we are all sending him our get well vibes & prayers!

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Nancy, you are on top of the situation as always so hang on in there little lady and let us know how Dan is coming along? Sometimes life itself seems so unbearable at times but we must keep pushing forward to overcome. My prayers goes out for a great outcome in his health.

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Nancy :


wow you both are in my thoughts & prayers, hope everything gets straightened out for Dan soon. you both have been through some wild rides for sure.



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leaning towards sepsis..... the flu swab was negative and the ultrsound for blood clot negative...... his temp stays right around 104 and sometimes it drops some, then when it climbs he just shakes uncontrollably and says freezin... using both ibu and ace to try keep the fever in check .. have a fan, done some wiping down... he is cognizant .. and pleasent enough... and sleepy, very sleepy... the nurses here are on top of everything making sure he is getting what he needs , he hs been started on IV antibiotics .. the blood cultures wont be back till tomorrow.. we do know he has a raging UTI that appears to have spread into sepsis...he was tested for a uti when he was in the hospital last week, so not sure when he got it.. but when there are OPPS (BM) and what not, even when cleaned up immediately .. a infection can happen... and one doesent know if that had anything to do with it... dan has impaired everything basically, so it is what it is.... i have spoken with the kids in the event of Dan passing-- and made sure we are still on the same page as far as DNR-- do not resuscitate.. oh i hate, hate the thought of it but Dan on a clear days periodically has made clear his wishes in reference to this... i hope it does not come down to it... hopefully the antibiotics will take over soon ( if it is bacterial) and make dan feel better... if it is viral well than the lord will be the great decider, and as well all have been travelling this journey we know we can do our best and dan has-- i have-- the kids have, but this is in gods hands just as all our lives are...acceptance with grace and dignity.... AND dont get me wrong medical personnel have not given me indication i should be thinking like this but hey worst case senerio plays out over and over again....

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You guys just can't catch a break. So very sorry for all you've been through. I have had several occasions to have "the conversation" with our kids. It's not easy, but on this ride we have to be prepared for every possibility. Keeping you both in my prayers. ~~Donna

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after dan had the stroke initially and was at that point--- we the kids and i gave him back to god.... and shortly after he started to rally.... Now although i am not exactly at that juncture.. the turn could come quick and always want the family informed... we are at peace with the decision -- it is what it is... but luckily we havent needed to make the decision... but dans condition is changing all the time... luckily and all you non northdakotans probably cant even fathom this, but there are 5 patients on this floor today... so he is being well takne care of... and yes sometimes they run at full capacity of 30 ... but the hospital is brand new 1.5 yrs old.. and the docs because of the new facility are pretty darn good and nurses love working here lots of room.... so we are in great atmosphere and we know that is huge to a persons well being.. i do plan to sleep at home tonight... dan was given a tylenol 3 for aching so he will crash soon and i will go home... his bp is so low runs at 83/48 with a pulse at like 115....but his lungs are clear... i sure hope he feels much better tomorrow... he is getting his IV bolus along with the antibiotics ... every time they pull back on the hyderation his blood pressure runs where its at... but it will go up to 110/ 75 or so but the pulse remains pretty steady.... just babbling people just babbling .... nervous energy....

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Nancy, You're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you got some rest last night. I'm glad at least that Dan is getting good care, that helps you out some, I'm sure.

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This is so hard. Time and again you have to shoulder the burden of Dan's healthcare. I do hope that Dan pull thru and gets better. I am glad that you are prepared for whatever happens. The stress and strain of having Dan in the hospital is so hard. Please get some rest. I will keep Dan and you in my prayers.



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