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update on Dan



so it is sepsis.. and a bad one...... they had cultured his blood and got the class of bacteria identified but not the specific bacteria yet.. that will take a little more time... so they changed the cipro to some other drug i had never heard of but the doc said it should take care of the bacteria class... this is what i comprehended but trying to explain it to others a little more difficult... anyhow, his blood pressure is still a issue they bolus him it rises and then drops..they bolus him ( massive IV fluid)and it cycles again... and he is starting to free space... the IV fluid seeps into the tissue causing some "bloating" .. but we got him moving around a bit and that seems to help... but he is weak as a puppy... it does seem as though he is improving... but the docs have advised this could be a long recovery... just keeping him dry ( since he is not ambulatory) is challenging... and the nurses as i said are terrific , but i have slept on "chucks" i know how quick skin can break down if your on those things, so i bring my quilted waterproof pads are soo much more comfortable.... and i just take them home and wash them.... funny the nurses act like i am out of my mind ( not in a bad way) but they just have never had someone so involved in their loved ones care and not be annoying... i guess that generally goes hand in hand //?? or can.... i dont know i guess i just do what i think i need to do to make sure dan is cared for.... the same thought process my mother would have used... needs to be done just do it... dan is not completley out of the woods his kidney function is a little decreased and although not a big worry at this juncture if it does not improve with the sepsis it could certainly become a issue...... well, we will see what tomorrow brings.... my sister is up from CO , she had the ability to come up and was worried about me, and wanted to be here.... and my big sis ( she is tiny) is coming from my hometown tomorrow to be with us... love MY family !!!! and today michael started to move in -- honestly i am so glad he is... he thought about elsewhere but as my psuedo son he knew he would be vital to dans recovery... dan isent gonna be as spunky for a bit ,so the extra .. man help will be welcome....so even though the bad keeps coming ( and it has) i get help from above in the form of people having the ability to come from distances come and emotionally support us, and michel moving in will be so very helpful... and i 'll have a kid to say "take out the garbage to " i doubt he will listen but he will help with the truley valuable things... just being with dan... and giving him a hard time.. making him feel normal or as noramal as we get anymore...


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Nancy, I'm glad they have a clue what is wrong and can work toward fixing it. I'm so tired of the clueless doctors we often encounter. Hey what about those condom catherters to stay dry, especially if he is receiving IVs.

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he towards the afternoon has started to use the urinal... so he is starting to feel the urge again... so as long as someone is with him , he is staying dryer...and i brought my own briefs in to they are so much better ... so the incontinence issue is improving ... but i will consider the cath thing if needed... will see where we are at tomorrow...

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Nancy :


I am glad they found out whats wrong with him & working to get it improved. you both will be in my thoughts & prayers for speedy recovery.



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