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Big trip coming up



Well Lesley is still in New Zealand having a great time with her family. I am here in Minnesota still using the snow blower. I thought I was done with it for the season, but we got 7" yesterday. I just did a fast path down the driveway. Didn't worry about the complete parking area, but at the end of this week I am taking our motor home to Houston, Tx to sign it over to a consignment dealer there to hopefully sell it for us so I had to make sure I can get it out.


It is about 1500 miles, I plan to do it in three days. I have an extra day if I need it. It is quite a lot for me to manage alone. Planning trip, getting the RV ready for the trip, getting all the paperwork in order, booking flight back, arranging a place to stay in Tx, packing, planning food, arranging for someone to take care of our dogs, remembering what meds to take along, take afo & cane, etc, etc. Lesley is usually here to help me do some of it


The knee surgery has been postponed until Lesley returns in May. My plate is very full now, I have quite enough the handle without surgery as well.


Anyway just a short entry to bring you all up to date. After this week I won't be around for a week or so.


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George :


you are much braver than me. Have a safe trip to texas, hope to hear from you when you return from your trip



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Take care of yourself George, maybe one of our Texas friends on here can ararange to do a meet up with you for some companionship. You certainly are courageous to attempt on your own what you usually have Lesley alongside you for but I know you can do it.



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whoa you are doing terrific... thats a big undertaking for anyone, at any time... much less MN spring , which you know is hardly spring this year...

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Hey, when you got your plans and the route all figured out I may try to meet you there or if you are coming my way, then in my little town in central Texas. That's a big trip for sure so take it easy and be safe.

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I got your message and sent you one back. I got to go in the VA to have eye surgery on the 18th with preprep starting the 15th. I hope to catch you another time.

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Fred, sorry we will not be able to meet up this time. But we will soon have a new motor home, and maybe you will as well sometime, Our old one we are selling is likely a bit small for what you would want considering you have grand kids that may want to travel with you. I think Nancyl is going to sell hers, it might be bigger. Fred, good luck with the eye surgery, come out of the hospital with a new look on life!

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