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Plans change



Well, the trip to Texas did not happen. When everyone involved realized I was serious (especially the dealer), we found a way to make the new motorhome happen here in Minnesota. We are trading to old one here and I pick up the new one Monday April 22. Since Lesley is still in New Zealand some paperwork complications arose, but all solved now.


We are still getting heavy, wet snow here, six inches last weekend, 4 to 8 more coming tonight and tomorrow. I can't even try to move it. Fortunately it quickly melts in the little sun we get in between snows.


This reaffirms why we want to be out of here in the future during March/April and maybe some of May, as well as Oct/Nov. Not good months to be here.


Meanwhile while Lesley is gone I have been a good boy and continuing to eat properly, watching the blood thinner levels, still losing a bit of weight, and anxiously waiting to get the new motorhome. Being a 67 year old stroke survivor has made both of us realize that whatever we want to do in life, we need to get on with it. Buying a new motorhome was not the smartest move financially, but like Lesley said "what are you saving it for"? I have always been very conservative financially, and changing old habits is hard, but she is right. This will be our last motorhome and will see us into our sunset, so to speak.


Well the coffee cup is empty....


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Guest lwisman




I am glad to hear that you are not going to Texas. The thought unnerves me! You are brave.


We do not have snow (Chicago area) but it is raining today and gray. It has been really cold for April -- 40's. But, the crocuses daffodils and forsythia are blooming. The peonies, chives and oregano are up. So I guess spring is eventually going to arrive.


Good to hear health monitoring going well. Have fun with the motor home.


Take care,


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Good to hear everything worked out the easy way. (RV dealers can be a pain sometime.) I enjoy traveling with the rv. I have seen allot of neat places and met allot of people along the way. And you are doing the best thing.... enjoying your life! Have fun with that new motorhome!


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glad everything worked out !!! and glad you are taking care of yourself... easy to skip on the little stuff...and i am glad for your purchase for you--- go and enjoy yourself.. thats awesome !!

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Phew...I did want to say to a 67 year old stroke survivor who was driving alone to Texas and back: "are you sure this is a good idea???" but was too polite to do so. Yes, you do have to enjoy those good years ahead because there is no money back guarantee on them. And Lesley deserves to enjoy those good years too. Glad to hear you are being good and doing all the right things in her absence. I do hear those girls from New Zealand pack a fair wallop!



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