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No exercise program today!



Yesterday we got 19 inches of heavy, wet snow. Some of the drifts are as tall as me. We have a 1,000 ft long driveway. I need to get out Monday. What to do, what to do. I knew our ATV I usually use had no chance of getting it done. The snowblower could not do it, the snow was too sticky and just clogged it up.


I then came up with the idea that if I shoveled a path in front of the snowblower I could then shave a bit off the edge and make many trips up and down our 1,000 ft drive. Hey, I am retired and have nothing else to do today, so why not try it?


Well, the plan worked sort of. I did it in 50 ft sections and then rested. Just as I got to the road with the shovel, a neighbor showed up with a front end loader, which is a huge machine with a monster bucket on the front. In ten minutes he had it done.


I have decided I shall not exercise today. I will likely have a brew or two tonight.


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When you're given a gift you just go with it! Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors with front end loaders! ~~Donna

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Guest hostwill




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George: personally i am glad that neighbor came along. You be careful. I don't care how slow you go, that is way too much work.


When will this winter end. I hope Lesley is due home sooner to keep you in order - LOL. Best, Debbie

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George, you are like me, you get stuck into a job and don't think of the consequences. I am glad the neighbour came along and helped you out. Take some time out and hope by Mondy there is a thaw or at least no more snow.



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Debbie, you are right. About 1/2 of the way thru I realized that perhaps I had indeed bit off a bit more than I could chew. Today I know it for sure. It was supposed to be an exercise day, but I skipped it.


Tomorrow I have a long day ahead as I drive our old motor home to the dealer about five hours away, trade it on a new one, and drive back. A long day for sure.


Sue, Lesley says "just get stuck in and do it". Well, I did realize I had started something that was bigger than I thought but was determined to finish it. I can get stubborn. Anybody else know such a man?

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George: LOL. Just like me. With the blizzard I went out the garage, waded a few feet in 30 inches to the truck, went over the truck, dragged myself up the ramp to clear a 4 x 4 ft area in front of the front door because I felt claustrophobic! LOL But George, I have not suffered a stroke and I only shoveled that 4 x 4 area.


I am one that loves shoveling snow, especially on a warm, sunny day. There is nothing more stress relieving for me. I do know that I smoke and also I am all that Bruce has. But from a personal stand point, that is my time out. I go slow, I am always cognizent of my other responsibilities, but George, it does wonders for my mental health and physically. So I surely understand where you are coming from.


Blog soonest about the new Motor Home. I know you and Lesley have great plans for it and I for one am looking forward to the jaunts. Best, Debbie

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