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If your hair is on fire...



Lately We have been besieged by callers wanting money. Not just the usual charities and groups which I can quickly dispatch or call screen, but friends and family. They lull you into thinking it is a "how is it going" call and then drop the "need money" bomb. I have only caved on one family member and amazingly got it back on time in full. I told Lesley we will absolutely never loan money again to anyone for any reason. The stress of it all just gets my A-fib going and I don't need that. If her mum ever needs money we will give it to her as a gift and never expect it back. All others, sorry, the answer is no.


None the less, I am tired of this stuff so I think I might change our phone answering message to "if your hair is on fire and you need money to buy a fire extinguisher leave a message and we will get back to you soon.. All others calling for money for any reason hang up now". How about it folks, think that will work?


Anyway, Lesley will be back Monday which is great. My knee surgery is Friday which is bad. Such is life. Some hot, some cold.

I must say however, the knee has been telling me lately it is time to get it fixed. The way it has been popping I call it my Rice Crispy Knee, remember snap, crackle, pop?


Speaking of cold, will winter ever end here? We did miss most of the last snow storm, but got about one tenth inch of ice overnight. I don't plan on going anywhere until it melts hopefully later today. This is May, right?


We are excited about the new motor home and can't wait to get it on the road. My surgery will unfortunately delay that for a month or two. Lesley is excited to have a new "nest" to feather with stuff and new goodies. If I can move safely, we may go to a rally for motor homes like ours later in May. Lesley would have to drive, but that is one reason we bought what we did. She will have no problem driving it. We have already spotted where the dogs will be belted in during travels and sleep at night.


Medically no great problems other than the knee surgery and a annoying sleep problem. I have no problem getting to sleep, but after 4-5 hours wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep. If I have nothing particular planned the next day I just tough it out and nap the next day as needed. If we have something major planned, I will take 1/2 of a sleeping pill just to get the last 3-4 hours I really need. I don't like taking pills but will take those as needed.


Well, the ice is melting outside and my coffee cup is empty. Soooo.....


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funny --- how the guy with stroke is the guy with the money ????? hmmm how does that work.... and yep when it comes to lending money -- just always always consider it a gift , never a loan... and george my hair is not on fire ..... and i dont need money LOL..... go warm up your coffee..

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George: first off, best with the surgery and speedy recovery. With your weather issues, that may force you not to push and that is always good.


So looking forward to your blogs of the travels.


I am sorry about the money requests. Sometimes people just don't think. Enjoy your coffee! Debbie

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