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Surgery done



The knee surgery was done yesterday. So far, so good. The dr. says all went well and except for the piece of cartlige removal and some polishing up the only other thing he did was drill the holes in the bone to stimulate new cartlige growth. Minimal arthritis and all else looked good.


I have taken pain meds only immediately after the surgery and have not needed them since. Lesley being a retired nurse has been pushing them on me but I have been declining. As you know I do not like taking pill, especially if I do not need them.


I have started the exercises prescribed by the doc. So far, they feel very good. Were it not for the no weight bearing because of the new cartilege growing, I think I would be walking already with only a cane, maybe. The knee feels better than it has for a long time. No more snapping or popping. I guess that is what makes sitting in a chair all day with ice and elevation so hard. I know I could be walking without much trouble.


Anyway, I know for the best long term outcome I must follow the doctor's (and Lesleys) advice and coaching.


I asked the doc if we could use our new RV and go camping next week. He said as long as I do the exercises, elevate when I can and use ice on it, and no driving, I am good to go. So it looks like we are going Thursday and returning Sunday. It is about 1100 miles round trip and Lesley will be doing all the driving so we are breaking it up into two 250 mile days each way which should take about 5 hours to do. This is one of the main reasons we bought the one we did, she can do all the hookups and driving if needed.


Anyway, that is our life at the moment, and yes, my coffee cup is empty....


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Guest hostwill




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George :


glad surgery went well, follow doctors & Lesley's direction for healing'. take it easy for few days so that you can bounce back & ride on your horse with your full potential. Enjoy your vacation.



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Hey George, I'm happy for you my man and your courage to get the knee done already! So follow orders and you should be back walking like it never really happened. Since the doctor said no driving was it your right knee? I'm just a tad afraid to get mine done. First the VA said they would do one, the left one which is paralyzed so I declined and have decided to not get mine done at this age now.

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Glad it all went well George. I know you are keen to get started but do the recuperation as the doctor said, he has the history of those who did and those who didn't and what went wrong!


Welcome home Lesley...glad you are back keeping George in line again.


Hope you are up to the trip and Lesly up to doing all the driving.



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good luck -- with the trip -- and your recovery although it sounds like you are doing very well with your recovery already..... if you need to exersize but still cant do weight bearing see if any places have the Altra G treadmill.... it allows the walking movement with very little weightbearing -- our hospital is using it for rehabing their knee patients, hip patients, MS people , stroke people... ect and depending on your issue it is a wonderful tool in recovery...nancyl

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George: thank you so much for updating us. Good news that the trip is on! Please don't set anything in stone. If you or Lesley need a break, just take it. I do love, however, that Lesley will be taking the RV on the first trip! LOL. Good news honey and yes, stick to Doctor's orders. Blog soonest. Debbie

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