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Knee post surgery update



Well, the knee surgery went well, but the rehab got off to a rocky start. No weight bearing for a month is the problem. The way the knee feels, I know I could walk on it easily. That would destroy any new cartlege growing so I am doing what the dr ordered. I found out though that is not easy.


The knee operated on is my right non-stroke side. So I am now trying to balance on the weaker, less steady left side leg. Crutches proved to be useless. I just do not have the balance to get into the rythem of using them. It was just a matter of time until I fell with them, so Lesley found me a wheel chair to borrow. Now at least I am mobile inside the house between the wheel chair and a walker. Using the walker is tiring because I have to hold the surgery leg off the floor which means I have to completely lift my body with my arms on the walker to lift and then move the left leg forward. Glad I have lost some weight lately! All the upper body strengthening I have done recently has proven useful indeed.


The good news is that thanks to ice and elevation and doing the prescribed exercises religiously, the swelling is gone and I have only taken a few tyenol since the surgery for pain. I think the final recovery will be very good. The knee feels better than it has in years, and I can't wait to use it again carrying my canoe.


When I got the wheel chair it was obvious we needed a temporary ramp to get up and down the two stairs to enter and exit our house. Friends, wonderful friends. I called one who is a real handyman and asked for help. He came over immediately, made some measurements, and a few hours later it was done. It works like a charm. It is all screwed together so I can easily remove it when no longer needed. He would not take any money. Have I mentioned how blessed I am?


Lesley has finished getting the new motor home ready for our trip tomorrow. She will have to do all of the driving. We are planning for her to drive about 5 hours each day. I have located places for us to stay on the way to and from with the help of the internet. We stay at a lot of city and county campgrounds. They are usually about $10 a night and little used. Casinos are also great places to stay and low cost. We are really looking forward to seeing old friends again and making new ones as we always do at these events.


Well, that is the latest here, time for me to refill my coffee cup.


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George, I'm happy for you in that the operation went well and your recovery is doing good too! Have fun on the trip and we'll see you when you get back,


The VA wanted to operate on one knee but not the other one that's paralyzed so I just decided to not get that operation and keep what I got! I am getting my eyes done for cataracts and a lens put in to see a lots better. The right one gets done tomorrow the 16th. The left one was done last month.

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Just a quick update. We have been wondering how I would get in and out of the motor home so we did a trial run today. No problem with Lesley's help I just sit on the bottom step of the side entrance and lift myself up on step at a time then onto a couch from which I can go anywhere I need to inside. The reverse process gets me outside.

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