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First trip completed



Well the shake down trip in the new motor home is completed. About 1100 miles and Lesley drove every inch. It was about 550 miles each way and we took two days, stopping and camping one night each way. We got 20MPG on the diesel and it has lots of power and was smooth and quiet. We love the new machine. It is a bit longer than our old one, 24ft vs 20ft for the old one, but most importantly it is the same width which makes it easy to drive in traffic. It is no wider that our truck. Lesley also hooked up the power, we just used our on board water and tanks for waste. I have a website with thousands of cheap campgrounds listed. We paid $10 each night and had electric, water and dumping station available, and the camp grounds were nearly empty.


We went to a national rally of units similar in size to ours. I must brag and say ours was the star of the show. We had a steady stream of people wanting to look inside at the floor plan. Several said that if our model had been available when they bought theirs they would have bought it rather than what they bought. We plan to have a screen door added to the side sliding door and screening added to the rear doors since we live in mosquito heaven.


It was most frustrating for me to be in a wheel chair whenever I was outside the motor home. I am still on a no weight bearing restriction on my right knee. I tried crutches but could not use them since they require my left stroke side leg to carry all the weight and balance. It could not do it and when I tried it ended badly. Inside the motor home a walker used sideways and hopping along on my left leg worked fine Fortunately my upper body strengthening I have done the past few years gave me enough strength in the arms to lift my body weight with the two hands on the walker. Outside I was at Lesley's mercy in the wheelchair because most of the time we were on dirt or grass. We got to reconnect with some old friends and make some new ones.


I suspect the new RV will be on the road a lot in the future. Lesley is already talking about taking a girl friend on biking trails around our state and into Canada. I have my eye on some fishing holes I know where over night camping is a good idea.


I go Thursday the 24th for stitch removal and evaluation with the knee surgeon. I expect a few more weeks of no weight bearing. Ugh! This is no fun.


So here I sit watching the news about the tragedy in OK. I am so blessed. As hard as I try, I find I really have nothing to complain about.


Well, maybe I could complain to Lesley that my coffee cup is empty.


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George you and Lesley have done well, that was a big trip in a short space of time. I hope you do use your camper to the full and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Now in my retirement, I so miss that dream of being on the road on my way around our beautiful country with Ray at my side. I am farewelling so many of my friends who are just starting out on the road travelling north now that winter is approaching.


Be patient with your recovery. I know it is hard to sit when you are usually so active but that time will come again.

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Happy camping George, one day I hope to be "On the Road Again" in another motor home but smaller this time around so my wife can drive her 50 miles then stop and give the wheel back to me. I really enjoy camping out and going places. We even took ours to Vegas and stayed at Circus Circus camp grounds.

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That is great! Plus a Motorhome that gets 20mpg. Can't beat that. We have quite a few trips planned this year also. I like camping I just hate getting everything ready. LOL Happy Trails George!



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