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Doing OK



So far of good... Dan has had in home nursing support ( which really is just a couple one half hours for a couple days) but they have been able to assure me he is OK... And we are starting to do things again.. so come monday he will be officially released from home health... which is good - he needs to go to the hospital for socialization and exercise... so that should happen next week meanwhile we are plugging away at home.. his mood is till shifty , but a little more stable.. at least this is tolerable... while not ideal it is tolerable.... having michel here has been key to some of this... when michel comes home dan is happy to see a guy.. and michel is a guys - guy ... dan hopefully will continue the slow climb to better, but in the end it is his climb... erika had a bravo unit attached to her esophagus and of course she is one of the 5 % to have actual pain from it... it will detach and fall off in about 5 days.. but for now it hurts and makes her nauseated ... the bravo unit is to measure the acid reflux she has and her response to it... kinda a computer chip ... we are regretting it at this point but maybe it will give the doc some idea as to why she has felt so sick... and beth has a allergist appt at Mayo way into July scheduled i guess there is a specialist whom might be able to shed light to her hives... nothing is simple in our life... ever since dans stroke our family took a wierd turn... of illness and the like... but what you gonna do? just keep swimming, just keep swimming... but all in all at THIS moment we are doing OK and i guess thats all we can ask... Please god no more on my plate.. or china... i might crack.... and nobody ( including me) wants to see that.. it won't be pretty.... hugs everyone and thanks for always supporting me and strokenetting me -- talking me through all the crap, not only the stroke related issue but the all encompassing issues the stroke has been the catalyst for.... Nancyl


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This is a recovery highway that all of us must travel in hopes of getting better and able to do more for ourselves in due time. You have been an admiration for Dan no matter his behavior and in due time he will be a little better. After all none of us asked for this but we got it so we make Lemonade and sip it hot or cold. Sometimes we want to add a little Rum in it and kick back in a great state of mind!


You take care and watch the man with the mirror watching you!

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i think the man with the mirror enjoys watching me go out and pick up dog poop every couple hours... he really has that much time ... LOL..

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I've heard something about putting it in a bag on the doorstep and lighting it on fire? He can't hate you any more than he does already!

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Colleen: don't be naughty!


Nancy: Seems a somewhat level road for a bit. At least forward motion. Good news on the girls. I am praying you get some resolution to their issues soonest.


And good for you with the help in. Couple half hours are a great start. Introduced them to Dan and Dan to the fact that you need time away and others can be depended on to help him. I do hope your weather improves - don't we all wish that. But getting help on board now may prove positive when Dan can get out and about, back into his garage and off to the patio. And he may discover new interests with new people.


Good news honey. Thank you for sharing and know I am praying for all of you. Debbie

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I pray that you get a break. It has been one thing after another for you. Take care of yourself. I am glad to hear that Dan is doing better.


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